How To Reduce Time To Market And Expand Globally

Streamlining translation management helped Kreditech to accelerate their release-cycles and reduce time to market boosting international expansion. Read the story of Kreditech and learn how you could scale your business internationally using Phrase.

For many companies, the localization process can really eat up their day with coordination efforts and slow down the time-to-market of new products.

This is not the case for Kreditech, a Hamburg-based fintech startup, that was able to turn localization and translation management to their advantage in the global marketplace by using Phrase.

Kreditech started as an idea for an alternate credit bureau in 2012 and aims to build better banking for everyone by developing banking technology and supporting services.

An expedient time to market is essential for startups such as Kreditech, as the fintech startup scene is set for global expansion. Kreditech needed a solution to help scale their international business more efficiently, and we’re all thrilled to say that they found one.

Preparing For International Expansion

Kreditech utilized Phrase, our translation management solution for web and mobile translation projects, to handle the creation and continuous update of multiple language versions. The fintech startup was thereby able to automate its multi-language operations and reduce their time to market for new products significantly, saving time and costs as well improving overall translation quality.

Today, Kreditech has a portfolio of multiple financial products and is able to support 30 different language and product versions across 9 countries with ease. By using Phrase the fintech startup has proven an extraordinary time to market in new countries and is now prepared for future stable international growth.

Read Kreditech’s Full Case Study

Is your startup ready for global expansion?

Hundreds of customers have utilized Phrase to expand their reach using localized content. Implementing Phrase allows a timely international expansion and helps to decrease the barrier of entrepreneurs for internationalization drastically. By using Phrase, multilingual websites, apps and desktop applications can be easily implemented in multiple languages and companies can enter new markets more quickly.

Download our case study and find out how Kreditech streamlined their localization process using Phrase to foster international growth.

Kreditech Case Study As Download

Check out the full case study with Kreditech on how localization with Phrase boosted their international expansion.

Download Kreditech case study PDF

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