How to Multiply User Reach by 400%

FAMILO scaled their mobile app for families internationally and became an industry leader through effective localization. Read the story of FAMILO and how streamlining their translation management to multiply user reach by 400%.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to multiply user reach thousands of new users without launching a new product but by simply expanding your product on an international scale?

Companies that localize content see improvements in market share, engagement, and revenue, as a result of providing a more culturally relevant customer experience. Today, we will talk about one of the success stories for a start-up that utilized Phrase in order to expand their business to gain more customers.

FAMILO is a smartphone app that connects family members with each other and provides them with a platform to keep in touch, know each other’s locations and call for help when needed.

FAMILO noticed an overwhelming 400% increase in new customers after adopting Phrase’s localization platform and was able to improve their overall translation quality. Phrase helped to automate the multi-language operations by easily and quickly integrating the localization process into their overall development process.

FAMILO multiplied its user base from 100.000 to 500.000 registered users after adopting Phrase’s localization platform.

FAMILO more than quintupled their registered users for their mobile app since they began localizing their software and the number is still growing.

Making use of Phrase helped FAMILO to scale their business internationally and at the same time, automate their multi-language operations by easily and quickly integrating the localization process into their overall development process.

Localization, as Opportunity, Will Give You the Competitive Edge

As we live in a world of globalization and every business aims to capture the global market. The ability to expand your company’s potential customer base can make the difference between a successful product and the loss of a major profit opportunity.

FAMILO spent most of its time trying to catch the attention of users worldwide.

Although the app is extremely useful and even after boosting advertising, the app did not yet attract a global audience.

A business might be successful in its native country but penetrating a new market is easier said than done.

The best way to steer new, international attention towards your business is through localization.

FAMILO needed a competitive edge. They came across Phrase while searching for a solution specialized in software translation management.

The FAMILO marketing team wanted their app to be more familiar to the local users so localizing the app for as many people as possible was the most appropriate solution.

Companies that localize content see improvements in customer experience and market share as a result of providing localized content. Localizing your product and providing your service in several languages will give you a competitive edge.

Increasing the International Footprint

Localization will help you to create a more culturally relevant customer experience.

A better customer experience is the foundation of a growing business and leads to additional benefits of increased market share, engagement, revenue, etc.

Providing your service in a customer’s native language makes them more comfortable with both your company and product, factors that will result in them being more likely to spread the word about your product.

The FAMILO mobile app developers were able to develop localized version of its app in 12 different languages and the results were astonishing.

Doing Localization and Translation Management Right

Quality and consistency of translations are the top challenges of translation management and can sometimes become a tedious process.

Integrating translation management tools into your development process will make it easy to reduce time-to-market when positioning your company for international expansion via the expediting of the localization process, reduction of administrative overhead and improvements to translation quality.

Hence, the ease of handling the localization and translation process allowed the company to roll-out different versions of the mobile app in new languages within hours. The automated process made the task simpler and more efficient, as a result FAMILO made huge progress in driving consumers towards its application.

Localized content displays a visible commitment to your customers worldwide by meeting their needs, which most importantly include the language. This is exactly what helped FAMILO achieve the results that can be witnessed today.

Read the FAMILO Case Study

Every day Phrase is helping more companies to expand their reach using localized content. Phrase is the secret sauce to many start-ups’ localization success stories. They are able to multiply their user base as well as their profit tremendously by adopting the Phrase localization process.

How many languages does your product speak?

Download our case study and find out how Phrase resolved FAMILO’s pain points with regards to localization processes, such as managing localization files, dynamic content and process automation.

Check out the full case study with FAMILO on how localization with Phrase increased their customer base by 400% and scaled their business internationally.

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