Laravel/F3/Kohana Array

PHP localization file for use in Laravel/F3/Kohana PHP framework.

File Extensions.php
API Extensionlaravel
Format OptionsNo
Pluralization supported?Yes
Descriptions supported?No


return array(
	"boolean_key" => "--- true
	"empty_string_translation" => "",
	"key_with_description" => "Check it out! This key has a description! (At least in some formats)",
	"key_with_line-break" => "This translations contains
a line-break.",
	"nested" => array(
		"deeply" => array(
			"key" => "Wow, this key is nested even deeper.",
		"key" => "This key is nested inside a namespace.",
	"null_translation" => "",
	"pluralized_key" => "You have no pluralization.|Only one pluralization found.|Wow, you have %s pluralizations!",
	"sample_collection" => "---
- first item
- second item
- third item
	"simple_key" => "Just a simple key with a simple message.",
	"unverified_key" => "This translation is not yet verified and waits for it. (In some formats we also export this status)",

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