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Context matters. That’s why Phrase is continuously striving to provide translators with a software localization experience with deeper contextual value. With features like translation memory, term base, and autocomplete, you can streamline your translation process with everything you need, all in one place.

Phrase provides useful tools and mechanisms to deal with a large number of keys and technical restrictions in complex translation projects.

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Inform, discuss or ask team members questions regarding specific translations by commenting on individual keys.

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Review all previous versions of a translation in the changes tab of our translation editor.

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Add multiple tags and track which keys belong to which section of your project.

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The Phrase in-context editor can be integrated within almost any web application and provides the possibility to translate content directly on your site.

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Prevent localization errors in your product! Check all your translations for issues like overly long wording, broken placeholders, or mistranslated terms.

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We've got the proof

Phrase delivers strong, measurable results for our customers all over the world.


Faster translations with autocomplete


Reduction of errors


Less spreadsheets

Why translators love Phrase

“For us, reliability, performance, and security are key. With Phrase, we have found a scalable solution, which can adapt to our various requirements and workflows, while enabling us to offer a seamless localization experience to our 20 million users.”

Tilman Büttner
Senior UX Writer, XING

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More features for translators

Need more advanced linguistic features? Use Phrase in combination with our translation management system: Memsource

Even higher translation consistency

Explore term bases with more detailed settings including forbidden and preferred terms to ensure translations are even more stylistically correct

More advanced translation quality checks

Benefit from real-time quality checks that range from spelling and multiple spaces, to repeated words and forbidden terms

An editor for professional translators

Enjoy a fully-featured editor that provides all functionalities a professional translator needs

Mobile app to translate on the go

Manage your translations with your mobile phone or tablet so you’re always up to date and ready to go