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Phrase integration for Adobe Commerce

Easily translate your e-commerce site into multiple languages and give international customers a fully localized online shopping experience.

Adobe Commerce integration visual | Phrase

Simple project management

No more managing translations with CSV files or via emails. Phrase automatically sends content for translation when it’s added or updated, without you needing to leave Adobe Commerce. A seamless translation workflow from start to finish.

Adobe Commerce automation visual | Phrase

Reach new customers

Unlock new markets and increase global growth with localized products across all of your ecommerce stores. Translate your products, categories, pages, and blocks and increase conversion rates.

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Translate efficiently

Translate product information with AI-powered machine translation and translation memory. Phrase automatically stores past translations so you never have to translate the same sentence twice.

Translation memory visual | Phrase
Our impact

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Now, thanks to automation, we can easily translate product descriptions on our e-commerce website and our localization cycle is 30% faster.

Fabian Lauer

Software Developer

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