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The translation management solution on your own hardware behind your company’s firewall. Collaborate with your team, find professional translators and stay on top of the process.

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Already more than 1,000 companies optimize their translation process with Phrase

Enterprise-grade at startup speed

Easily install Phrase On-Premise inside your own cloud infrastructure. Phrase On-Premise is our Cloud Solution packaged as a Docker container that can be operated inside your own network.

Data sovereignty

Phrase On-Premise is the perfect solution for companies with strict data hosting regulations. It can be easily integrated into your very own IT infrastructure behind your company's firewall. With Phrase On-Premise you remain in control of all your data.

Data sovereignty

Premier Support

Our enterprise-level services and premier support is dedicated to your teams' success. We offer comprehensive documentation, integration tutorials and personal assistance whenever you should need it.

Premier Support

Why enterprises love Phrase


Easy Setup

Shipped on virtual images based on Docker, Phrase On-Premise connects easily to your local infrastructure.


Maintaining full control

Behind your company's firewall, running on your servers and database: With Phrase On-Premise you remain in control of all your data.


Onboarding and coaching

We are committed to the success of your team and support you as an Enterprise customer during the entire setup phase.


Personal Account Manager

Even beyond the initial setup, we are always at your side and accompany you and your team with a central contact person, who takes care of any concerns in a quick and uncomplicated manner.

Everything you need to accelerate



Adjust Phrase to your workflow through our API. The API allows you to import locale files, download locale files, tag keys or interact in other ways with the localization data stored in Phrase for your account.

Command Line Tool

The Command Line Tool lets you navigate your projects and translations quickly from the command line instead of fiddling around with long curl requests. Available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

GitHub and Bitbucket Sync

Phrase offers a native GitHub integration and Bitbucket integration.

40+ File Formats

Phrase supports a huge variety of ways to export and import your translations for all common localization file formats. We support the following formats during file import, file export, and API access.

Branching and Versioning

Work on multiple releases and versions at the same time- just like in Git.

Over the Air (OTA)

Publish your translations faster and easier than ever before. Stop waiting for the next deployment and start publishing all your translations in real-time directly in Phrase with OTA.

File Format Conversion and Syntax Validation

Avoid broken language files through Phrase’s validation check.

Webhook Integration (e.g Slack)

Customize your notification flow by allowing Webhooks to notify external services like chat clients, project management tools or external APIs of events or changes.

2-Factor-Authentication (2FA/MFA)

Raise your security standards and include 2-Factor Authentication, whether via 2FA token or OAuth access token.


Statistics per User / Locale

Always stay informed about the individual activities of your team members, including the amount of translated and verified words, keys and much more.

Assignable Jobs

Organize all your translation tasks by assigning team members, providing briefings and setting due dates to the locales of your choice.

Proofreading Workflows

Easily implement a proofreading and verification workflow for new and updated translations.

User Roles and Access Control

Organize your localization team by assigning dedicated roles and access rights to each team member according to projects and languages.

Email and In-App Notifications

Always stay informed about all the latest changes in your project through notifications directly in Phrase and via email.

Activity Tracking

Know what’s going on in your projects by monitoring all the latest activities and filter them according to users, events and specific time intervals.


Stay consistent. Our Glossary is a list of predefined terms unique to your business which remains unaltered throughout all languages.

Attachable Screenshots

Increase the contextual information by attaching screenshots to your translation keys.

Comments and Mentioning

Inform, discuss or ask team members questions regarding specific translations by commenting on individual keys.


Let Phrase translate new content automatically using Machine Translation and Translation Memory.

Sketch Plugin

Bring design and localization together. Sync your design content from Sketch with Phrase.


Check all your translations for common issues like overly long wording, broken placeholders, or mistranslated Glossary terms.


Source Copy Editing

Edit your source language files directly in Phrase.

Search and Key Tagging

Add multiple tags and track which keys belong to which section of your project.

Translation Memory

Speed up your localization process with our Translation Memory. The Translation Memory remembers translations used on your projects and suggests matching results.

In-Context Editor for Web

Our In-Context Editor can be integrated within almost any web application and provides the possibility to translate content directly on your site.


Review all previous versions of a translation in the History tab of our Translation Editor.


Use real-time suggestions for translations while translating in the Phrase Translation Editor. SmartSuggest speeds up your translation work and improves overall consistency.

The preferred translation solution for over 1,000 companies worldwide

Scaling businesses globally, achieving faster time to market, and creating a better user experience are only some of the reasons so many companies seek out Phrase for their localization needs.

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