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Our next wave of AI-enhanced automation

In this release, we continue our journey to unlock significant value through the power of hyperautomation. We’re focusing on four key areas among the various enhancements:

Full availability of our AI-enhanced Auto LQA for comprehensive, rapid language quality assessments; an improved, SSO-enabled, enterprise-wide Phrase Portal; Automated Asset Curation for cleaning and managing language assets, reducing manual labor costs; and Phrase Next GenMT, fusing our next generation machine translation engine with OpenAI’s latest GPT-4o model.

Auto LQA eliminates manual, labor-intensive tasks, giving users the ability to automatically assess the quality of all their translated content at every step of the localization process, significantly reducing the time and cost of human post-editing, while enhancing translation consistency and quality.

Auto LQA is now fully available!

Auto LQA, our new AI-enhanced automated quality assessment capability, powered by OpenAI’s GPT, is now fully available in the Phrase Localization Platform. 

With Auto LQA, we harness the transformative potential of generative AI and our quality technologies, to give you a cost-effective, instantaneous means of assessing language quality at scale. Working alongside linguists and covering a wide range of use cases, LQA can deliver up to 80% savings in both time and cost.

Coming out of our early access program, this is an exciting category of research and product innovation that we expect to evolve as we develop more capabilities working alongside our customers.

Enterprise Access to the Phrase Portal

Phrase Portal is our secure self-service localization solution. It provides teams with direct access to Phrase Language AI’s machine translation and AI capabilities, including the new Phrase Next GenMT.

In this release we’ve made enterprise-wide rollout simple with Single Sign-On (SSO). Add, remove, and manage team members across your business with ease.

Also, you can now provide multiple departments with customized Portals to meet their specific needs. Phrase Portal also integrates seamlessly with Custom AI, so you can offer teams customized machine translation.

And now users from all departments can also access unified translation memory, glossaries and tag handling, ensuring consistent translation quality.

Cost and Quality Gains with Automated Asset Curation

Our Automated Asset Curation (AAC) capability automates the cleaning and curation of language assets, including translation memories, and coming soon term bases and glossaries. It automatically identifies and removes duplicates, corrects errors, and updates outdated translations, ensuring all your language assets are accurate and up to date. 

It enhances the quality of custom MT models, providing a cleaner foundation to train them on, improving MT output and reducing post-editing time.

This new solution significantly reduces the cost compared to manual maintenance, while accelerating the entire process.

Introducing GPT-enhanced Phrase Next GenMT

We’re proud to introduce Phrase Next GenMT, our new machine translation solution that fuses OpenAI’s latest GPT-4o model and Phrase NextMT. Phrase Next GenMT is available as a new MT engine, delivering exceptional translation quality and leveraging glossaries and advanced tag handling for enhanced accuracy and consistency.

Phrase Next GenMT will be continuously updated, ensuring you always have access to the latest Gen AI technology within the Phrase Platform. 

And there’s more!

Zendesk Support integration

Phrase now directly integrates with Zendesk Support to translate conversations between customers and agents in real-time. With the help of Phrase Language AI, improve your customer service by instantly serving your global customers in their native language.

Phrase Analytics in Strings

Phrase Analytics now allows you to assess all of your Strings data in one place. Data is now aggregated on the organization level, providing a convenient, single view of the performance of your translation activities.

Automated over-the-air releases

With automated over-the-air (OTA) releases, developers have one less thing to trigger manually. We have added a scheduling option within the OTA feature in Phrase Strings that helps developers automate content updates, boosting efficiency and reducing manual work.

All new language pairs for NextMT

We’re expanding options for clients with a range of new language pairs in Phrase NextMT. You can now enjoy the advanced capabilities of NextMT across a broader set of languages, including Finnish, Catalan, Vietnamese and more.

CAT web editor available in 11 languages

Translators can now seamlessly use the CAT web editor in their preferred language in the same way they would the TMS and the desktop editor. Users no longer need to export translation jobs or switch to the desktop editor.

Ready to transform your localization?

We’d love to show you our latest AI technology in action and answer any questions you may have. To see a demo of this product release, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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