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Phrase Orchestrator

Cutting-edge workflow automation editor

Managing multiple localization projects across your organization and ensuring timely delivery can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Phrase Orchestrator will revolutionize the way you manage your localization process, helping users easily create seamless workflow automations, and adding unparalleled speed and control.

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Get your free trial

Existing customer? Try Phrase Orchestrator for 30 days for free and start building automated workflows like never before.

Workflow automation solution for the Phrase Suite

Build localization automation workflows like never before!

End-to-end process automation

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and hello to streamlined, efficient workflows with Phrase Orchestrator.

Phrase Orchestrator is designed for teams of all sizes, unlocking powerful automation to streamline the end-to-end localization process using the whole Phrase Localization Suite.

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Build workflows that fit your business logic

Build your own highly tailored workflows in seconds and streamline your business processes, increase efficiency, and save valuable time and resources.

Use the graphical drag & drop interface and leverage our wide set of automation capabilities, including workflow branching, event filtering, and dynamic references.

Harness the full power of the Phrase platform

Use the workflow editor to quickly put together event-driven workflows.

Track and log each workflow execution, troubleshoot problems through an intuitive graphical interface, and use workflow revisions for version control and maximum process stability.

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Take your localization process to the next level

Reduce dependencies and start taking automation into your own hands. Benefit from customization at scale with Phrase Orchestrator.

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Automate localization
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Tailor and visualize workflows to your needs
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Reduce costs
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Save time and speed up processes
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Remove repetitive, manual tasks
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Free up resources

Frequently asked questions

Here to field your questions on Phrase Orchestrator

Phrase Orchestrator is made for organizations who want to automate their processes involving the Phrase Localization Suite. Users need to have a good understanding of our products, but they don’t need to be able to write code—typical users would be localization managers and localization engineers.

Phrase Orchestrator is available as an add-on for Phrase TMS and/or Phrase Strings Enterprise customers. A free 30 day trial can be requested in the Phrase suite dashboard.

Yes, Phrase Orchestrator provides advanced API functionality across Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings, so you can control Phrase’s full functionality from one single interface.

Yes. This workflow triggers when a file is uploaded to a Phrase Strings project. It creates a job, adds the keys from the uploaded files to that job, adds some predefined target locales, and finally starts the job if there are more than 10 new source translations.

Yes. This workflow triggers when a Phrase TMS job is completed in a “Translation” workflow step. The workflow checks the outcome of an analysis. If the percentage of 95% Translation Memory matches is greater than 90, the “Revision” workflow step is skipped. If that is not the case, a note with “X” is added to the project.

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