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Phrase Strings

The strings editor: Unparalleled translation efficiency

Make localization easier with a tool that simplifies editing, translating, and managing translation keys, and enables you to scale your product whenever you want.

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Boost your translation productivity

Customizable and easy to use

Easily master your most important, everyday tasks, set up your own workspace to suit you, and quickly onboard collaborators to get more done faster.

Multiple (batch) actions across languages

Update, add, remove, verify and pre-translate keys in batches across multiple languages to save time and speed up your translation process.


Batch actions May 2023 cadence launch | Phrase | Phrase

Live Figma previews

Simply attach the link of your designs in Figma to share live context with translators, so that there’s less room for error and more relevant translations for your design and content.

Figma previews May 2023 cadence launch | Phrase | Phrase

Better context, better quality

The new in-context editor (ICE) allows translators to see their work reflected in the design in real time. This ensures not only better quality translations, but ones that don’t break designs.

Explore ICE

In-context editor | Phrase

Enhanced collaboration for comments

We’ve made the Phrase Strings editor even more collaboration-friendly. With full context, your team can now comment on languages, resolve & modify comments, initiate threads, and share quick releases. This ensures clearer understanding, improved communication, and the convenience of executing all these actions seamlessly within Phrase Strings.

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Machine translation suggestions
Use machine translation to scale up the translation process
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Multilingual view
Easily translate individual keys into multiple languages
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Contextual sidebar
See all the history and context about your strings instantly
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Run pre-translation on keys to populate missing translations
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Comments & tagging
Collaborate better using comments and tagging
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QA preview
Preview and fix errors quickly for high-quality translations

The thing that I have seen with Phrase and our translation management is specifically the ease with which it allows us to scale to additional languages.

Daniel Touchette

Group Product Manager

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We have now designed a process where Phrase allows us to have the content ready on our sites within 1 minute since the translators add or update their translations. We are saving an average of 48 hours on engineering time, each time we deploy a new feature.

Enrique Quilez

Localization Manager

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Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered on our strings translation editor

A strings translation editor is a “key” (strings) and “value” based translation editor that makes translating software copy easier and faster.

A strings editor allows you to edit, manage, and send/receive “keys” easier and more efficiently. It incorporates features that facilitate collaboration among your product development team and translators, and offers review cycles that can be run in parallel with your release management cycles.

You can watch our video tutorials or learn more in-depth at our support center.

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