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Sync your design content
from Sketch with Phrase

Integrate localization into your design process and build a great user experience for all your markets.

Designers, copywriters and translators on the same page

Collaborate efficiently at an early stage of development to avoid surprises in your design later on. Establish a continuous sync between Sketch and Phrase and optimize your design content for multiple languages.


No more placeholders

Have your translations ready for multilingual user tests. Export mockups from Sketch to design collaboration platforms with finished translations.


Easy iterations

Iterations on both design and copy become seamless by syncing whenever needed. Always use up-to-date texts for your redesigns.


Always in sync

A single point of truth for all your design content. Avoid communication barriers and keep everyone involved in sync easily, all the time.

Bring design and localization together

Start connecting Sketch with Phrase now!

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