How to increase user reach by 400%

26l10n projects


30+l10n team members

+400%users since Phrase

FAMILO is a specialist in location services for mobile apps. Within the last years, the company developed accurate, reliable and energy-saving geofencing technology.

Phrase helped to scale FAMILO's business internationally and automated the multi-language operations by easily and quickly integrating the localization process into their overall development process. The team experienced an overwhelming 400% increase in new users after adopting Phrase’s localization software. Moreover, FAMILO was able to improve the overall translation quality.

The challenge Familo faced

Despite astonishing achievements, FAMILO continued to spend most of its time and energy attracting new users to its application. The company needed a solution to connect with global customers worldwide. Like most businesses, FAMILO wanted to dig deeper to understand how to serve a larger customer base. The FAMILO team turned to Phrase to refine its product and expand its reach.

Tangible competitive edge is one of the best indications of business health. According to a Common Sense Advisory study, 56% of consumers find the ability to learn about a product in their own language more important than the price of the product. Localizing products increases the power of selling to your customers and gives companies an advantage in the global marketplace.

Phrase offers a software localization solution for web and mobile translation projects by easily integrating the localization process into the overall development process.

Phrase offered an integrated solution

To kick the project off, FAMILO’s team used the Phrase translation center to work with a group of translators. Phrase’s comprehensive documentation, integration tutorials, and personal assistance made it easy to quickly integrate the localization process into their overall process. By automatically identifying the need for new translations, there was no more need to manually notify everyone about new translations. FAMILO was able to reduce significant administrative expenses by evaluating its upcoming tasks and keeping track of the translation progress. Moreover, the team utilized the advanced search features in order to quickly drill down on the entries that matter the most for their tasks.

Hauke Windmueller, CEO of FAMILO, explains their experience with Phrase:

“Phrase 完全超出了我们的预期。利用它我们实现了本地化工作流程的精简化,成为了行业里的领头羊。这样的成果比任何话语都有分量。”

Hauke Windmueller

FAMILO used Phrase to localize its mobile applications into 16 languages. Phrase enabled FAMILO to accelerate its user growth and to quickly launch its iOS and Android apps into those new languages.

Accelerating international growth with Phrase

As a result of FAMILO’s efforts to expand globally by using Phrase the team saw an overwhelming 400% increase in new users and was able to expand their business on an international scale. While FAMILO’s actions were comprehensive and strategic, the company also credits Phrase with giving them the practical tools to make tangible improvements. This outcome produced useful contextual information, made it easy to stay on top of the process, helped to reduce administrative expenses and to improve the the overall translation quality.

Localization displays a visible commitment to customers worldwide. Consumers expect products and services to meet their needs, which includes, most importantly, the language. It provides security and convenience for all parties involved. Plus, high-quality content transcends in international markets.

Features used


Translation memory

Speed up your localization process with our translation memory. The translation memory remembers translations used on your projects and suggests matching results.


Multiple projects

As software projects grow and become more complex it helps to split them into modules to keep things manageable. The same holds true for the localization of software projects.


User roles and access control

Organize your localization team by assigning dedicated roles and access rights to each team member according to projects and locales.


FMULO 使用复杂的智能手机应用程序,回答简单的问题 “你在哪里?”,让家人和朋友安心。

Familo 提供什么?

FOMLO 为移动设备提供节能、免费的家庭定位器应用程序。通过高科技的地理围栏技术,通过传达所有团体成员的当前位置,提高了所有人的安全性,并有助于减轻不知情的家人或朋友的担忧。

谁使用 FULO?

家庭、情侣和朋友团体,如果想要确保所有团体成员都安全可行,请使用 FMOLO 来跟踪他们的位置并进行沟通。全球已有 100 多万客户使用该应用程序。


FOMLO 的家庭网络信使用者可以与亲人保持联系,并接收有关他们在哪里,他们在做什么,以及他们的感受的通知。如果任何人宣布出现不安全的情况,团体成员将被告知并可以发送帮助。


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    FAMILO increased user growth by 400%
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    Improved of overall translation quality
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    Reduced administrative expenses
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