Java Properties

Java properties files with .properties file extension.

API Extensionproperties
Format Optionsescape_single_quotes, omit_separator_space, crlf_line_terminators, escape_meta_chars
Pluralization supported?No
Descriptions supported?Yes


boolean_key = --- true\n
empty_string_translation = 
# This is the amazing description for this key!
key_with_description = Check it out\! This key has a description\! (At least in some formats)
key_with_line-break = This translations contains\na line-break.
nested.deeply.key = Wow, this key is nested even deeper.
nested.key = This key is nested inside a namespace.
null_translation = = Only one pluralization found.
pluralized_key.other = Wow, you have %s pluralizations\! = You have no pluralization.
sample_collection = ---\n- first item\n- second item\n- third item\n
simple_key = Just a simple key with a simple message.
unverified_key = This translation is not yet verified and waits for it. (In some formats we also export this status)

Format Options

escape_single_quotesbooleancheckchecktrueEscape single quotes with another single quote (e.g. I'm to I''m).
omit_separator_spacebooleanclosecheckfalseSkip the space before and after the separator sign (=).
crlf_line_terminatorsbooleanclosecheckfalseUse CRLF (Windows) line terminator chars.
escape_meta_charsbooleanclosechecktrueEscape meta characters (!, :, =, #) with a backslash