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Wise ST Global

Wise ST Global holds a prominent position in the international translation marketplace, offering customers transparent, user-friendly, and cost-effective services for their translation needs. Whether it’s documents, web content, or video content, it guarantees high-quality translations delivered with efficiency. 

What sets it apart from other options available in the market, such as translation companies or online agencies, is Through this online portal, it connects customers with highly-rated, certified, native translators from around the world who consistently deliver exceptional translations. is at the forefront of adopting and optimizing LLM technologies in translation workflows, enabling users to maximize the benefits of LLMs for enhanced productivity and quality. Visit their website and explore the innovative translation services offered.



Korea, Republic of



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Services offered

  • Translation services
  • Online translation portal
  • LLM prompt engineering
  • Language data collection
  • Customizing TMS for enterprises



Samsung, LG, Hanhwa, Hyundai, Google, Microsoft, Avast, Ansys, Omron

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