Language AI revolutionizes machine translation, automatically selecting the best translation engine for each scenario to provide unmatched quality and reduced translation costs.

Choose the best translation provider for the job

Machine Translation Autoselect will automatically choose the best performing engine for each translation. Our cutting-edge AI technology assesses the context, language pair, and content type to automatically choose the ideal translation engine from over 30 leading machine translation providers (including Amazon, DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator). We take care of everything in the platform: quality testing, legal and security evaluation and payment to the translation engine.

Actionable Quality Scores

Phrase Language AI ensures your machine translation output is easy to evaluate, providing clarity from the outset on how much post-editing is required. Having processed all historic performance data in an instant, every MT segment will be assigned a score. These are displayed to linguists and project managers in their respective environments, streamlining the post-editing process. This significantly reduces the need for human input, without compromising quality. (And of course, if the score surpasses an acceptable number, post-editing can be avoided altogether.)

Phrase Portal

The Phrase Portal provides all of your team members with a secure and easy access to our advanced localization technology. With the Phrase Portal, everyone in your company can translate important documents, reports, and messages instantly.

Consistent translations via Glossaries

Glossaries provide machine translation engines with your preferred terminology, enabling more consistent and brand-owned translations. With Phrase Language AI, you can manage glossaries for all your engines in one place. (And when you train your AI, you own your data.)

Access for all: APIs

Our API access has been developed to open up Language AI to all, and can accommodate any localization use case. This ensures that everyone in your business can benefit from high quality, enterprise-approved machine translation.

How it works

Create a profile

AI identifies the domain of
your documents

AI evaluates engine
performance for similar
documents using post-
editing data

The best performing
engine is chosen for
optimal translation

Phrase Custom AI

Created to provide a brand-first, consistent and compliant approach to AI translation, Phrase Custom AI makes translation an ownable process. The capability is fully integrated within Language AI, and able to train a domain-specific custom model to elevate translation quality:

Import your TMS translation memories and clean them with AI-powered filters

Train Phrase’s own machine translation, NextMT, on your content

Measure performance with in-built, state-of-the-art metrics

Phrase NextMT Translation Engine

Phrase NextMT leads the way in AI translation tools as the first TMS-ready machine translation engine. This leverages your translation memory fuzzy matches, typically increasing translation quality by up to 50%. Naturally, the engine harnesses your translation memories and glossaries to achieve the best possible quality translation.

What’s in the box?

Language AI includes:

Fully managed engines

Phrase NextMT

MT autoselect

MT glossaries

MT quality estimation

(requires end-user access licences)

Impact of Language AI

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