The Phrase Portal provides all of your team members with a secure and easy access to our advanced localization technology. With the Phrase Portal, everyone in your company can translate important documents, reports, and messages instantly.

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Provide teams outside localization departments direct and secure access to Phrase Language AI’s machine translation and AI capabilities. Generate high-quality translations that are consistent with company style and terminology, across the board.

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What is the Phrase Portal?

Phrase Portal is a secure and user-friendly interface that provides teams outside the Localization department with direct access to Phrase Language AI’s highly valuable machine translation and AI capabilities.

Who is eligible for the Phrase Portal program?

The Phrase Portal is designed to benefit enterprise customers with diverse teams and localization needs. However, our early access program is open to everyone for registration.

How will I know when I have access to Phrase Portal?

We will let you know, via email, as soon as your account set up has been approved. Please note that due to high demand, we expect to be very selective with extending access before launch.

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