Custom machine translation, tailored to the needs of your business, is now more accessible than ever before. Unlike generic machine translation engines, Phrase Custom AI puts unparalleled translation quality and scale at your fingertips.

Until now, training machine learning (ML) models took months and required specialist skills. Now, you can customize ML models in hours without the need for costly professional services. Unlock vast new machine translation possibilities across your business.

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Empower your business with custom machine translation

Take machine translation to the next level

Leverage your past translations to develop custom translation models tailored to the unique needs of your business. Phrase Custom AI allows you to vastly improve the accuracy and consistency of all your machine translation output. Unlock new opportunities for delivering large volumes of high-quality, cost-effective translation throughout your organization—from tailored translation models for marketing to tailored models for legal, sales, and customer service.

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Custom NextMT: The next generation MT engine

Phrase NextMT, our groundbreaking TMS-ready MT engine, can be fine-tuned to understand your specific terminology in your target language, ensuring translations aren’t just accurate but contextually relevant. Leverage dynamic capabilities like adaptable translation memory, advanced glossary support, and advanced tag placement—and take your MT quality to new heights.

Intuitive interface, effortless customization, deploy in hours

With Phrase Custom AI, we’ve transformed the way custom machine translation engines are created and deployed. It’s now possible to prepare your training data and train your translation models using a powerful suite of cleaning filters, including our own QPS scores—so you can be up and running faster than ever.

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Uncovering insight at every step

Whether it’s assessing the outcome of data preparation or evaluating machine translation output quality, Phrase Custom AI gives you all the data you need to make informed decisions. You will always have the insight to make sure that your custom models are at peak performance.

Here to field your questions on Phrase Custom AI

What MT engines are supported in Phrase Custom AI?

Phrase Custom AI will initially train custom models based on Phrase NextMT, Phrase’s proprietary MT engine. Unlike other third-party custom machine translation engines, Phrase NextMT is unique in its ability to adapt its output using TM fuzzy matches—giving translation service a whole new meaning.

What MT metrics does Phrase Custom AI support?

Currently, CHRF3, BLEU, COMET, and TER metrics are supported, with more metrics to be added in the future.

Does the Phrase Custom AI integrate with other Phrase Suite products?

Phrase Custom AI is fully integrated with Phrase TMS. You can seamlessly deploy trained engines directly from Custom AI to the TMS.

Additionally, it’s possible to use your customized engines outside of the TMS thanks to Phrase Language AI API.

You can also add custom engines to the Phrase Portal.

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