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Phrase integration for Figma

Give your users a fluid design experience, no matter what language your content is in.

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Figma integration visual | Phrase
Huawei logo | Phrase
Uber logo | Phrase
Skoda logo | Phrase
Zendesk logo | Phrase
Fujifilm logo | Phrase
Shopify logo | Phrase

Design for a global audience

Preview your multilingual designs without ever leaving Figma.

Figma UI preview visual | Phrase

Bring everyone together

Unite designers and translators to collaborate on projects and make sure your content works in every language. Teams can see when translations are ready, and pull content back to Figma in an efficient end-to-end process.

Figma design translation visual | Phrase

Move projects seamlessly

Create translation keys and jobs for your designs in Figma, then send them to Phrase so translators can get started right away.

Figma Automation visual | Phrase

Context is key

Translate in context with screenshots that highlight content areas, increasing translation quality and reducing feedback loops.

Context provided by Figma screenshots | Phrase

Phrase by the numbers

Reduction on deployment time
48 hrs
Saved per release on average
Faster turnaround time

As a design department, we chose Phrase to help us manage the translation process and produce localized artwork more efficiently.

Michael Bush

Marketing and Communications Manager

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