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Whistleblowing policy

Phrase is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity, and we expect all staff to maintain high standards. We encourage any suspected wrongdoing to be reported as soon as possible.

As part of this, Phrase operates a Whistleblowing Portal, where disclosures of wrongdoings can be made. Click here if you wish to make a disclosure through Phrase’s Whistleblowing Portal. All disclosures are made subject to Phrase’s Whistleblowing Policy.

Disclosures can be made in writing, via audio recording, in person or by phone call. If you wish to make a disclosure in person or by phone, you should express this preference in the “description” box in the Case Details section. Please ensure to provide contact details as part of your submission to enable the meeting or phone call to be arranged.

Below are the names, titles and contact details of the Phrase personnel responsible for whistleblowing matters. Contact details for the designated persons are set out below:

Georg Ell
Chief Executive Officer

Martin Konop
Chief Financial Officer

Barry O’Driscoll
General Counsel

Marion Kaehlke
Chief People Officer