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Non-profit localization

Utilize state-of-the-art translation technology to support you in helping those in need all around the globe. We would love to hear about your initiative and support you on your journey.

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Helping you help others
At Phrase, when you unlock language, you unlock opportunity. The same can be said for unlocking solutions to help those in need around the world. Join Translators Without Borders, Cochrane, and Translation Commons who trust Phrase.
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Draw greater global awareness to your cause
Language and culture clashes are some of the biggest obstacles to raising global awareness to your cause. Cultivate a global support base by effectively localizing your websites, marketing resources or educational materials.
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Ensure that the correct vital information is being received
When it comes to providing vital life-saving information or high impact direct services such as legal and financial services, you'll want to be sure that you're providing the correct information in your audience's native language to be sure that nothing is lost in translation.
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Discover new donors and sponsors to help finance your cause
Trying to convince new donors and partners to back your cause in a language they don't understand will never work. Make use of an effective localization strategy and platform that helps your organization actively search out new support, and successfully convinces them to back your cause.


Integrate your tech stack for a seamless workflow

Whether you’re localizing a website, technical documentation, or marketing collateral, Phrase seamlessly integrates with your tech stack so you can keep using the tools you already know.
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Phrase is way ahead of their competition when it comes to SaaS solutions—it seems that others are now playing catch-up. We never know what our next request will be, but one thing for sure is that we are confident that Phrase will be able to handle anything that comes its way.

Michael Kapus

Content Localization Manager

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