Level-up your game localization

Create legendary gaming experiences and fully immersive environments for your players in their native language. 

Gaming is a global phenomenon, with more content, in more languages, on more platforms than ever before. Modern gamers demand immersive experiences tailored to their specific language preferences. In this competitive landscape, localization isn’t a luxury–it’s a necessity.

Capturing and retaining player’s attention is more challenging than ever.

They expect flawless multilingual support throughout the game’s lifecycle, and failing to meet their expectations can put your valuable market share and revenue opportunities at risk.

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A central hub for translating your game content

Cumbersome, slow spreadsheet-based translation should be a thing of the past. The Phrase Localization Platform adapts to any gaming project, from mobile hits to AAA console blockbusters. 

Our AI-powered tools streamline and automate translations, freeing developers to focus on creating the next gaming hit for your global audience. Phrase offers both a content management solution and a full TMS and vendor management solution in one complete, integrated platform. This ensures you have all the features you need to provide translators with maximum context. This includes screenshots, custom metadata (such as character descriptions), and term bases, ensuring immersive experiences for players across every platform.

Build a continuous process for localized content delivery

Frequent updates demand a continuous approach to localization. Built by developers for developers, the Phrase Localization Platform integrates with game engines like Unity and Unreal, directly connecting creators with translators. Make localization an integral part of your game development cycle, manage frequent over-the-air updates, and save valuable time and resources with automated QA checks during testing.

Unify your team with seamless collaboration 

In game development, every second counts. Phrase connects your teams seamlessly, eliminating manual file transfers and streamlining collaboration with the world’s top gaming translation providers. With everyone on the same page, developers, marketers and translators can maximize efficiency and accelerate time-to-market without disrupting your existing workflows.

Leverage AI to optimize your multi-platform content and save cost

Gaming content extends far beyond the game itself. From forums and Reddit posts to influencer Twitch channels and esport events. Integrating advanced AI-driven capabilities via API, Phrase can help you translate the best user-generated content. Ensure players enjoy seamless communications, allowing players to interact with content from others in their own language. Our AI capabilities help you reach millions of new people globally, while minimizing costs. 

5 out of 8 top gaming LSPs use Phrase for localized gaming content at scale

Players will quickly spot translation errors, which can negatively impact their gaming experience. With Phrase, you can redefine localization quality while managing millions of strings effortlessly. Advanced QA functionality ensures accuracy and consistency at every step, empowering translators with centralized terminology management and contextual insights. This reduces the time needed for internal QA testing by preventing potential errors from the start.

Leverage machine translation trained on your content and terminology to reduce post-editing time and costs for high-volume, or long-form content such as player guides. Our quality scores can be set up to automatically route content to human linguists only when post-editing is required, ensuring top-notch quality where it’s needed.

Phrase positively impacts game development

Phrase lets you seamlessly import dozens of different metadata types in a single file, helping make translating and localizing content up to 95% faster compared to traditional spreadsheet-based translation.

Phrase allows you to manage millions of strings in a single project, saving up to 50% of developers’ time when preparing and sending files for translation.

Phrase supports 50+ file types, and seamlessly integrates with Unity, Unreal, and many other content creation and management platforms.

Phrase is relied upon by 62% of the top gaming localization service providers to help support their clients’ needs.

Phrase allows me to hide complexity from internal localization clients. Requests are easily submitted to our language service provider through Phrase’s automation widgets or via Automated Project creation through cloud storage such as Dropbox. These features have significantly streamlined our localization process and reduced turnaround time.

Silvio Clausen

Localization Manager

With improved terminology consistency and translation quality, Phrase essentially pays for itself.

Tommy Nordkvist

Head of Game Operations

Leveraging machine translation with Phrase, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in the languages available in our help center. This has helped us stay ahead of our product team—when mobile app stores started requiring localized documentation, we were ready. With innovative features like MT Autoselect, we are confident that we are always leveraging the best possible engine for each translation—whether it’s our games, marketing material, or documentation.

Jeremy Fair

Director of Localization & Business Systems

We chose Phrase at Bohemia Interactive because it does exactly what we need, and for a fair price. We benefit mainly from the translation memory and fuzzy matches, which not only help to increase the quality and overall consistency of our output but also help us to optimize costs.

Vojtěch Schubert

Localization Producer

Phrase is easy to pick up and use right away. This is especially good for people who are just getting started with a TMS. Other services can be quite daunting when you first start them up. The UI is intuitive and streamlined, which makes for a great user experience. Constant updates and a very responsive support team are also a plus.

Peter Ma

Localization Manager

Phrase has helped us save a great amount of time, as it is very user-friendly for localizers, especially for linguists. It brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of continuous localization.

Skylar Tan

Head of Localization

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