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Game localization

Take your video games to new heights and new markets. We provide you with the tools you need to localize your games faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.

Solutions by use case | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 4.6 stars rating | Phrase

Level up your internationalization process

Discover how Phrase makes taking your video game global easy.

Integrate translation for continuous delivery

Easily update copy over the lifecycle of your game, and regularly implement new versions or players feedback. String-based and built for continuous localization, we focus on turn-around time and agility to meet your need to ship games faster.

Explore continuous localization

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We work with all file formats, including yours

Phrase is format-agnostic so you can import content in any chosen format and export it in any other format. We support 50+ file formats across platforms and programming languages.

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Context matters

Improve your translation quality by providing context to your translators. In addition to translation memory and term bases, we provide many options with deeper contextual value such as screenshots, descriptions, and style guides.

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Quality assurance

Keep growing your global fan base with high-quality localization. We provide automated quality assurance checks with comprehensive features that help translators improve overall translation quality and consistency.

Explore translation quality assurance

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Our impact

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Faster turnaround time
File formats
Reduction on deployment time

Leveraging machine translation with Phrase, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in the languages available in our help center. This has helped us stay ahead of our product team—when mobile app stores started requiring localized documentation, we were ready. With innovative features like MT Autoselect, we are confident that we are always leveraging the best possible engine for each translation—whether it's our games, marketing material, or documentation.

Jeremy Fair

Director of Localization & Business Systems

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Phrase allows me to hide complexity from internal localization clients. Requests are easily submitted to our language service provider through Phrase’s automation widgets or via Automated Project creation through cloud storage such as Dropbox. These features have significantly streamlined our localization process and reduced turnaround time.

Silvio Clausen

Localization Manager

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With improved terminology consistency and translation quality, Phrase essentially pays for itself.

Tommy Nordkvist

Head of Game Operations

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Here to field your questions on game localization

Phrase is built to provide you with all the tools needed to effortlessly translate your mobile or console game.

We offer 27 different quality assurance checks that range from spelling errors to tag issues and inconsistent terminology. For more details and a full list of quality assurance checks visit our documentation.

Yes, you can order professional translations from third-party translation vendors specialized in game localization from right within our platform.

Phrase Strings is the ideal solution to localize your games. Our string management platform is the place for you to store and manage all your content, including your source copy and all translations. Phrase Strings is key-based and therefore ideal for continuous localization workflows.

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