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了解 Phrase 可以如何帮您轻松将游戏带到国际市场。

数说 Phrase

交付时间缩短 95%

支持超 50 种文件格式

部署时间缩短 50%

Leveraging machine translation with Phrase, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in the languages available in our help center. This has helped us stay ahead of our product team—when mobile app stores started requiring localized documentation, we were ready. With innovative features like MT Autoselect, we are confident that we are always leveraging the best possible engine for each translation—whether it’s our games, marketing material, or documentation.

Jeremy Fair

Director of Localization & Business Systems

Phrase allows me to hide complexity from internal localization clients. Requests are easily submitted to our language service provider through Phrase’s automation widgets or via Automated Project creation through cloud storage such as Dropbox. These features have significantly streamlined our localization process and reduced turnaround time.

Silvio Clausen

Localization Manager

With improved terminology consistency and translation quality, Phrase essentially pays for itself.

Tommy Nordkvist

Head of Game Operations


Phrase 可以翻译什么类型的游戏?

Phrase 为您提供了游戏本地化所需的所有工具,助您轻松翻译手游和主机游戏。

Phrase 的 QA 都检查哪些项目?

我们的 QA 检查含 27 项,包括拼写、标签和术语一致性等。我们在文档中列举了所有的项目及说明,供您参考。

我可以在 Phrase 里购买专业的翻译服务吗?


Phrase 的哪款产品最适合游戏本地化?

Phrase Strings 是游戏本地化的不二之选。您可以在我们的字符串管理平台保存和管理所有内容,包括原文和译文。Phrase Strings 基于键,是持续本地化的不二之选。


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AI 技术在本地化领域的应用

为您带来最新行业动态,深入探讨 AI 技术在翻译和本地化领域的最新应用,以及Phrase如何借助AI技术进一步推动翻译技术的发展。