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我们采用的是当前世界上最尖端的语言技术,多项自研 AI (人工智能)技术能够实现自动检测非译元素、指派译员等功能。

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我们不但为您提供了一系列的集成,还准备了 API 接口来满足您团队多样的需求。从内容管理系统、自动化营销,到源代码存储库和第三方系统,我们统统进行了优化。


您可以随时随地使用我们的服务。在我们对系统进行更新时,我们会提前通知您;我们的系统平均正常运行时间达到 99.9%;我们的客服全天候在线,为您提供即时的响应。您还可以在 Phrase 手机 app 上随时查看当前项目情况。


无论您采用什么样的工作流,Phrase 都可以与之无缝衔接。

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直接从 Figma 向 Phrase 发送翻译任务,轻松同步译文。

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轻松在 Mac 版 Sketch 和 Phrase 之间传输内容,设计阶段搞定翻译。

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数说 Phrase

80% 的客户使用自动化

平均正常运行时间达 99.9%

可为您节省 50% 的时间

Phrase’s automated workflows help our project managers efficiently manage translations and significantly reduce project turnaround time. The powerful combination of workflows with project templates and automated project creation makes the translation process even faster.

Camille Xu

Translation Technology Director

Phrase is easy to pick up and use right away. This is especially good for people who are just getting started with a TMS. Other services can be quite daunting when you first start them up. The UI is intuitive and streamlined, which makes for a great user experience. Constant updates and a very responsive support team are also a plus.

Peter Ma

Localization Manager

We chose Phrase because it is easy to use and has the features we need. In addition to how good the Phrase software is, the company’s extensive support was also a key factor in our decision. Streamlining our operations by introducing Phrase has enabled us to achieve significant cost reductions.

Nana Tajima

General Manager, Quality Management Division


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5 Key Strategies to Speed Up Time to Market for Global Ecommerce Growth

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Revving Up Localization: How to Accelerate Automotive Expansion into Untapped Markets

A purpose-driven, data-powered localization program and comprehensive technology partner enable automotive companies to accelerate global growth.


AI 技术在本地化领域的应用

为您带来最新行业动态,深入探讨 AI 技术在翻译和本地化领域的最新应用,以及Phrase如何借助AI技术进一步推动翻译技术的发展。