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Form deeper connections with content people can understand with Phrase TMS.

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Manage projects your way

Develop custom translation and localization workflows that empower your team and projects while avoiding repetitive manual tasks. Focus on bigger, more intricate jobs by automating everything from project creation to linguist selection.

Explore workflow automation

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Speak with accuracy

Translate in the engine best suited to your language and content, automatically selected by our MT algorithm, and leverage our Quality Performance Score to guide your post-editing workflow.

Explore machine translation

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Innovation that empowers
Work with the most advanced language technology. Our patented AI-powered features include automatic non-translatables detection, linguist selection, and more.
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Make informed decisions
Track projects in real time, review customized analyses, and plan your workflow and budgets accordingly.
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Works with you
Leverage our wide range of integrations and create custom solutions that answer your team's needs with our API. Optimize everything from content management systems and marketing automation to source code repositorites and 3rd-party systems.
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A reliable partner
Work however and wherever you want. We alert you of any upcoming updates, maintain an average uptime of 99.9%, and provide 24/7 support. With the Phrase mobile app, you can stay on top of projects wherever you are.


A seamless localization experience

Whatever your workflow looks like, Phrase can adapt to it.

Phrase by the numbers

Of customers use automated workflows to deliver translations faster
Time saved
Average uptime for Phrase

Phrase’s automated workflows help our project managers efficiently manage translations and significantly reduce project turnaround time. The powerful combination of workflows with project templates and automated project creation makes the translation process even faster.

Camille Xu

Translation Technology Director

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Phrase is easy to pick up and use right away. This is especially good for people who are just getting started with a TMS. Other services can be quite daunting when you first start them up. The UI is intuitive and streamlined, which makes for a great user experience. Constant updates and a very responsive support team are also a plus.

Peter Ma

Localization Manager

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We chose Phrase because it is easy to use and has the features we need. In addition to how good the Phrase software is, the company’s extensive support was also a key factor in our decision. Streamlining our operations by introducing Phrase has enabled us to achieve significant cost reductions.

Nana Tajima

General Manager, Quality Management Division

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