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Website localization

Get your website ready to attract an international audience.

Solutions by use case | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 4.6 stars rating | Phrase

Enter new markets with confidence

With Phrase, you can make sure your website localization strategy is scalable for any content you add and any markets you expand into.

Automate your workflows

Automatically trigger the translation of new content for your global website with our powerful integrations.

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Increase translation quality

Make it clear to translators what they are working on and how it will look on your live multilingual website.

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Only pay for what you need

Get matches from the translation memory and machine translation filled in before human translators get involved, reducing your translation costs by 80%.

Explore machine translation

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OTA for web: Publish instantly, with just one click

Publish real-time content updates and manage hot fixes on your site with just one click. OTA (Over The Air) gives anyone on your team the autonomy to carry out updates and fix glitches whenever they need, free from any site downtime—and at a fraction of resources.

OTA for Web Website Localization LP | Phrase

Translate websites with all the design context you need

Say goodbye to translations that break designs. Our In-Context Editor (ICE) allows translators to see their work reflected in the design in real-time––ensuring better quality translations that eliminate back-and-forths.

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Tools that work for your website

Phrase has suitable localization solutions, no matter what website tool set and setup you have or what your goals are.

Phrase TMS is best suited for:

  • CMS-based websites, e.g. websites built with WordPress, Contentful, or Sitecore. Phrase TMS has powerful integrations with all major CMS systems.
  • Marketers looking for a solution to trigger the translation process themselves within the CMS and have full visibility on the progress.

Explore Phrase TMS

Phrase TMS | Phrase

Phrase Strings is best suited for:

  • Coded websites stored in a repository. Phrase Strings has powerful integrations with Gitlab, GitHub, and Bitbucket.
  • Websites designed in Figma or Sketch. Designers can send the content to Phrase Strings for translation in one click. Finished translations allow optimizing the design before it is handed over to developers.

Explore Phrase Strings

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A seamless localization experience

Whatever your workflow looks like, Phrase can adapt to it.


Phrase by the numbers

faster website localization
reduction of errors
noticeable difference in user experience & engagement

We use the WordPress connector on our own projects and on website localization projects for our clients. The ability to pull content from WordPress to Phrase and send it back without a complicated setup saves both us and the client a lot of time. It eliminates tedious manual work and cuts project turnaround time by at least 15%.

Mladen Stojack

Chief Strategy Officer

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With all updates now running through an automated localization process, content managers at Tennis Point no longer have to email every text update to their translation office. This reduces content work by around 130 days a year, allowing for a 30% faster localization cycle and saving hours of manual labor.

Fabian Lauer

Software Developer

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Phrase's easy-to-use and intuitive collaboration platform made it an important and trusted tool during our expansion into France.

James Healy

Technical Director

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Here to field your questions on website localization

Website translation is usually referred to as the pure translation of the text elements. Website localization describes the broader process of adapting a website to a target market. This includes adapting date formats, currencies and measurements, selecting images, colors and other brand elements that are culturally suitable to the target audience.

It is not always the literal translation of a search engine optimization (SEO) keyword that has the highest search volumes in your target market. We recommend doing keyword research prior to your website translation and creating a term base with keywords and their SEO-optimized translations. That way, you can make sure translators use the terms that are most useful to help your page rank well.

Yes, Phrase provides great visual context in the translation editor. That way, linguists can transcreate new copy for a website instead of translating it. With the help of a preview, they can see what their copy will look like in the finished page.

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