Access and build comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions in seconds. Phrase Analytics provides you with instant insights, so you can track key metrics and make the right business decisions to accelerate growth and optimize your translation workflows across your organization.

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Analytics for every localization use case

Whether you’re a project manager or localization professional, Phrase Analytics gives you the insights you need to improve your end-to-end localization process and deliver high-quality translations every time.

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Optimize costs with insights into words processed per project or provider, and which language pairs have the highest word count.

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Improve workflows by tracking the number of on-time deliveries, average job duration, and the editing time per workflow step.

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Take control of translation quality across your organization with reporting on Language Quality Assessment (LQA). Compare human LQA scores and insights against AI generated auto LQA scores and evaluate the quality by category, error severity, language pairs, and providers.

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Plan your translation budget more effectively, negotiate better rates, and avoid unexpected costs with full insights into job quotes.

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Analyze and monitor your spending patterns to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

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Compare your savings across different translation options and understand how much money you save from leveraging translation memory, machine translation, non-translatables and repetitions.

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Allow localization project managers to optimize quality, time, and cost by understanding how content translated through machine translation and translation memory is used.

Leading-edge analytics

Our advanced analytics capabilities let you build tailored reports and dashboards. This helps you track progress, monitor translator performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your localization process.

With self-service reporting you can easily uncover the patterns and correlations that have an impact on your business from one simple and intuitive platform. This eliminates the need for dedicated business intelligence developers.

Getting started with Phrase Analytics

Access our self-service reporting to build custom charts and dashboards tailored to your organization’s needs.

Utilize predefined charts and dashboards to uncover insights into your localization processes. Our basic reporting capabilities help you get an overview of your translation workflows to make data-based decisions.

Need to export your TMS data to your data warehouse?

With Phrase Data you can do just that. Export localization data and enable your team of analysts to combine company-specific metrics with raw localization data and visualize it in the business intelligence tool of your choice.

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Starting to use Phrase was like switching from riding a bicycle to driving a car.

We were able to reduce our turnaround time for translations by 80%.

Sergio Llorens González

Sergio Llorens González

Localization Manager

Phrase is way ahead of their competition when it comes to SaaS solutions—it seems that others are now playing catch-up. We never know what our next request will be, but one thing for sure is that we are confident that Phrase will be able to handle anything that comes its way.

Michael Kapus

Content Localization Manager

Here to field your questions on Phrase Analytics

Who is Phrase Analytics for?

For Localization managers.
No data analysis skills needed: Our predefined dashboards show you the most important localization metrics.
For specific needs => more advanced analytics solution with self-service reporting to create custom charts & dashboards.

How can I get Phrase Data?

Phrase Data can be purchased by Phrase Enterprise customers. Contact your dedicated customer success manager for more information.

Who is Phrase Data for?

Phrase Data is for organizations who want to export their localization data and visualize it outside of Phrase. This solution is suitable for large-scale organizations that have in-house data professionals with SQL and data analytics knowledge.

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