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Increase customer engagement and drive growth into new markets with seamless localization for your email campaigns.
Streamline your processes and avoid bottlenecks by automatically sending any of your content to Phrase with automatic project creation.
Java SDK
Use our Java library to interact with the Phrase API.
Build custom zaps with Phrase events. Connect to a multitude of apps via Zapier.
Build your custom webhook integration by sending notifications to external services, e.g., for translation updates.
Visual Studio
Sync translations between Phrase and your Windows applications. Add new languages from within the integration.
Order professional translations without leaving Phrase.
Connect to Slack and customize which notifications you receive in your Slack channels.
Ruby library/SDK
Use the Ruby library to access Phrase programmatically within your own applications.
Python library/SDK
Try our autogenerated library for the Phrase API written in Python.
PHP library/SDK
Try our autogenerated library for the Phrase API written in PHP.
Kotlin library/SDK
Try our autogenerated library for the Phrase API written in Kotlin.
JavaScript SDK
Try our JS library for the Phrase API that can be used in both TypeScript and JavaScript.
Update translations for your iOS app with a single click. No need to release a new version to the App Store.
Go library/SDK
Access a library for the Phrase API written in Golang.
Navigate your translation projects quickly from the command line.
Android Studio
Sync translations between Phrase and Android Studio. Push keys to Phrase and pull translations back into your project.
Android SDK
Publish or update the copy in your Android app in real-time without waiting for the next deployment.
Run your translation and localization projects in a single seamless workflow between Phrase and XTRF. This integration is built by a third party.
ApSIC Xbench
Connect to Xbench Quality Assurance. This integration is built by a third party.
Distribute your content, including websites, intranets, and online applications to your community through localized pages without leaving TYPO3.
Import PDF files for translation within Phrase. This integration is built by a third party.
Help increase translation productivity, reduce costs, and inform strategic decision making about your translation workflow with comprehensive and customized reporting.
Send your content, including text, HTML, images, and treelists for translation to create a personalized customer experience for your users.
Pull your translatable content from your server’s folders into Phrase for a simple, automated process.
Salesforce Knowledge
Provide help to your users in their language–translate your Salesforce knowledge base articles in Phrase.
Integrate Phrase functionalities into the standard workflow of Plunet Business Manager. This integration is built by a third party.
Microsoft Azure
Meet all of your business challenges by sending your content to Phrase for translation.
Microsoft SharePoint
Achieve seamless collaboration and easy-to-manage knowledge sharing in any language.
Microsoft OneDrive
Share and collaborate with your users by sending your content to Phrase for easy and convenient translation.
LBS Suite
Handle your translation or localization workflows directly from LBS Suite, from creating a project, managing TMs and TBs, and assigning a project up to the delivery. This integration is built by a third party.
Create a seamless localization workflow for your Joomla articles and categories to allow your content and brand voice to resonate with your website visitors, no matter where they are in the world.
Help Scout
Pull articles from collections (folders) in your knowledge base directly into Phrase to help make every customer interaction more meaningful.
Store all your game content in one spreadsheet, automatically send (and easily retreive) strings for localization in Phrase, and push updates to your game via API with one click. This integration is built by a third party.
Google Drive
Make your content go further by sending documents, spreadsheets, and presentations out for translation to collaborate with a wider audience.
Send content from branches and repositories for translation and have your translations updated automatically.
Order translations easily from Gengo. This type of pre-translation is best suited for projects that require fast turnaround time. This integration is built by a third party.
Pull all of your translatable content from your server's folders into Phrase for a simple, automated process.
Leverage the TMGMT module to submit content for translation from Drupal 7, 8/9, and enhance customer experiences with content in their language.
Sync your Dropbox folders, files, and projects with Phrase in order to translate all of your content with increased speed and accuracy.
Manage your localization workflow seamlessly. Send content to Phrase for translation and automatically receive the translations back in Contentstack.
Work faster without sacrificing quality by sending text documents, presentations, and images for translation to reach a wider audience.
Keep projects organized by creating jobs that are automatically sent for translation when your branches and repositories are updated in Bitbucket.
Amazon S3
Keep files organized, accessible, and up-to-date. Automatically send files for translation when content is updated and upload them back to your chosen S3 bucket when translations are complete.
Take your content global with a partner for terminology, quality management, automation, and translation with comprehensive expertise and the right software solutions. This integration is built by a third party.
Connect translation jobs to your Jira tickets and receive updates directly in Jira.

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