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Production, management, publication, and distribution of high-quality technical documents


Technical documentation services

We provide a complete service that brings together the entire technical communication field, ranging from technical document production to illustration, publication, document engineering, and construction of relevant solutions.

We have produced technical manuals in various industrial fields. These are supported through technical documents, online help, and XML for automobiles, semiconductors, industrial equipment, electronic products, and software application programs. 

Technical manual production and localization

The final document is edited by DTP experts who have experience in editing various domestic and international publications.

We make technical manuals simple so that final users easily understand how to use the product or service. ​

We also support all localization efforts.

Construction of integrated document management process

Document production, management, reuse, translation, and multi-channel distribution have become easier than ever, and we construct the most efficient system to create high-quality documentation.

Using the TEXTree document management system enables you to create and manage various versions of multilingual documentation using the user-friendly interface.



Seoul, Korea
Manila, Philippines



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Services offered

  • Technical manual production
  • Technical illustration
  • Augmented reality (AR) manual
  • Multilingual localization
  • Integrated document management
  • Document production [Word/XML technical document production]
  • Document management [Integrated management of module contents]
  • Document publication [Automatic multi-channel publication]
  • Document distribution [Content distribution portal]

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