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Unlock language. Unlock opportunity.

Open the door to global business and drive growth with the world’s most powerful, connective, and customizable localization platform. The Phrase Localization Suite is built to automate, manage, and translate all your content into the languages your audiences speak and the experiences they live.

Our latest releases

Delivering the next generation of AI-fueled localization

In this release, we’re announcing a range of enhancements to the Phrase Localization Suite that will define the next generation of localization technology, powered by AI. Designed to elevate content quality, drive increased workflow automation, and accelerate enterprise scalability, these cutting-edge AI features are reshaping the future of localization technology.

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More than translation software

Our unified suite brings teams together, automates workflows, and flexes for your evolving needs so you can always truly connect with your global audience.

Phrase TMS

Automate localization workflows, manage translation projects, and leverage the latest AI and machine translation features with our enterprise-ready translation management system, freeing up time and resources.

Phrase Strings

Manage all your software product copy in one place and cut down turnaround times in half. Easily integrate a dedicated software localization platform with your tech stack by using our native integrations or API.

Phrase Language AI

Create and manage high-quality translations faster, cheaper, and simpler than ever before with our latest machine translation technology.

Explore Phrase Language AI

Phrase Custom AI

Easily create, tailor, and deploy machine learning (ML) models and customized machine translation (MT) engines that are optimized to meet your specific business needs.

Explore Phrase Custom AI

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Phrase Orchestrator

Our workflow automation builder will revolutionize the way you manage your localization process, helping you easily create seamless workflow automations, and adding unparalleled speed and control.

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Phrase Analytics

Build comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions in seconds. Phrase Analytics provides you with instant insights, so you can track key metrics and make the right business decisions to accelerate growth.

Explore Phrase Analytics

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50+ software integrations

Leverage our 50+ out-of-the-box integrations to seamlessly adapt Phrase to your existing localization efforts, so you can streamline workflows and keep using the tools you already know.

Explore 50+ Phrase integrations

Solutions by use case

Solutions that go over and above

Our suite is optimized to make translation and localization easier and more effective by leveraging our advanced machine translation and automation capabilities.

Solutions by role

Keep everyone connected

Impactful localization is a team effort. This is why our solution is built to empower all localization stakeholders.

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G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 4.6 stars rating | Phrase

With Phrase, we have found a scalable solution, which can adapt to our various requirements and workflows, while enabling us to offer a seamless localized experience to our 20M users.

Tilman Büttner

Senior UX Writer

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Phrase is way ahead of their competition when it comes to SaaS solutions—it seems that others are now playing catch-up. We never know what our next request will be, but one thing for sure is that we are confident that Phrase will be able to handle anything that comes its way.

Michael Kapus

Content Localization Manager

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Phrase has enabled the Vista localization operations team to effectively support the company’s mission to migrate to a new state-of-the-art tech stack for content management and to streamline workflows, providing more automation and easy-to-use off-the-shelf connectors.

Annalisa Barbaglia | Alexander Ekhilevskiy

Localization Manager | Senior Localization Manager

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