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Phrase Data

Unlock the full potential of your localization data

Phrase Data enables you to export raw localization data and combine company-specific metrics, so you can identify what content is driving results, reformulate strategy, and influence ROI.

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Export localization data to your data warehouse

With Phrase Data you can do just that. Enable your team of analysts to combine company-specific metrics with raw localization data and visualize it in the business intelligence tool of your choice.

Phrase Data enables you to connect localization metadata with customer feedback, website traffic, sales figures and other company-specific data to gain insight into translation quality and language preferences, giving you a clear understanding of how localization impacts your business.

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Level up your localization data insights

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Access curated datasets
Enjoy unlimited access to curated data sets of your raw translation metadata.
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Dedicated customer support
Our team can help with example queries and data points, allowing you to track usage, performance, and financials at a granular level.
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Connect to leading business intelligence tools
Export your localization metadata and visualize it in the business intelligence tool of your choice.
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Secure testing environment
Confidently test your data analytics configurations and process changes in one environment without disrupting the production environment.
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Impact ROI
Identify the content that is driving results, so you can dedicate the right amount of resources and influence ROI.
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Enhance MT performance
Monitor MT performance and output quality, and detect model drift. Determine which engines perform best for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

This solution is suitable for large-scale organizations who have in-house data professional(s) with SQL and data analytics knowledge.

Our business intelligence team can create a custom integration to various data warehouses. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our Sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Phrase Analytics is our internal analytics solution. Build custom charts within the Phrase interface and share them with team members. You do not need a BI team or SQL knowledge to use Phrase Analytics. Customers cannot export data from Phrase Analytics to visualize elsewhere.

Phrase Data is an enterprise service that gives customers access to their raw localization metadata. The data can be viewed in the business intelligence tool of their choice and combined with other sources of data. Customers need a dedicated Business Intelligence team with SQL knowledge for this solution.

Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our Sales team.

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