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App localization

Localize your app on a platform that delivers high-quality results, with the most flexible and efficient approach possible.

Solutions by use case | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 awards | Fall 2023 | Phrase
G2 4.6 stars rating | Phrase

Built by developers, for developers

Save developers’ time, reduce manual errors, and increase translation quality by integrating our impressive Phrase features.

Take the shortcut

Start publishing and getting your messaging out there instantly with one click. Make copy changes on the go and edit your mobile content in real time with over the air (OTA).

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Phrase over the air

Publish translation updates to iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter apps effortlessly. No need to release a new version to the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Understand your users

Learn more about how your users interact with your app with OTA mobile SDK analytics. Access statistics for each distribution, and see not only the most used languages, but the most requested ones too.

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Automate workflows with our full-featured API

Speed up release cycles and stay focused on your code by using the power of Phrase’s API to set up custom integrations, webhooks, and much more.

See API documentation

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A seamless localization experience

Adapt Phrase to your workflow, whatever that looks like.

Our impact

Phrase by the numbers

Faster turnaround time
48 hrs
Saved per release on average
Reduction on deployment time

With Phrase, we have found a scalable solution, which can adapt to our various requirements and workflows, while enabling us to offer a seamless localized experience to our 20M users.

Tilman Büttner

Senior UX Writer

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With Phrase, we have been able to modernize our localization process and bring our suite of applications to a wider global audience.

Michael Stemle Jr.

Principal Software Engineer

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Phrase is the most developer-friendly and continuous-deployment-friendly solution on the market.

Ed Vinyard

Leading Software Architect

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Here to field your questions on app localization

Phrase over-the-air currently supports delivering translations to iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter. See more details in our documentation.

We do collect certain metrics to calculate the usage of the feature.

No, the only limit regarding OTA is the amount of MAU (monthly active users), depending on which pricing plans you have chosen.

When a user starts an application implementing our iOS, Android, React Native, or Flutter SDK for the first time on a device, we generate a unique, random device Identifier. This identifier’s sole purpose is the tracking of active users over a given period of time. It is not used for any other form or means of tracking and does not contain any user or device information. Also, we will not automatically lock your organization or OTA functionality when you exceed your MAU quota, but instead reach out to explore options going forward.

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