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Machine translation

Our machine learning technology delivers fast and cost-effective translations in multiple languages with minimal manual work.

Workflow management and automation

Automate repetitive or manual tasks and reduce communication overhead.

Professional translation services

Our translation management software allows you to order translations and other language services from professionals faster and with greater ease.

Software localization

Use the power of a scalable software localization platform to enter new markets and connect with your target audience more quickly.

Website localization

Utilize the widest selection of translation tools and features to attract an international audience to your website and connect with new markets.

Translation management

Improve automation and turn-around speed with a platform built for agile and continuous localization.

Game localization

Unlock the full potential of your video games and bring them to new audiences across the globe.

App localization

Start publishing your app translations in real time without waiting for the next deployment.

Continuous localization

Integrate translation and localization into your agile development cycles and keep up with the speed of global markets.

Localization management

Set up your localization process for global growth and take your web-based and other digital products to the next level.

Translation quality assurance

Ensure consistent, high-quality translated content across all languages.

Multilingual UX

Level up your user interface (UI) translation to provide a smooth customer experience across markets.

Collaborative localization

Bring all stakeholders together on one platform to improve efficiency and productivity.

Technical translation

Translate your technical documentation in as many languages as you need to inform customers worldwide.

Document translation

Translate files like Word documents, slide decks, blog articles, or emails using our translation editor.

String localization

Work in line with your product team’s development sprints to continuously localize new features.

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Preferrable CAT tool for APriori Translation Company
Yulia Tulinova
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Since early years, I have been using Memsource
Verified User In Translation And Localization
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Elegant, reliable, good ROI for teams
Martin Post
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Uncomplicated tool for managing our translation
Dirk Helbert
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Gets the job done with ease
Verified User In Internet
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Phrase App Review
Kaitlyn Steinhauser
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Best translation tool!
Sara Gomez Lopez
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Mobile Apps
Verified User In Computer Software
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Perfect for coordinating several translation projects
Verified User In Consumer Electronics
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Phraseapp helps us integrating customers in the active development of Apps
Philippe Hennes
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By far the best tool to handle the whole translation process.
Christopher Murach
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PhraseApp simplifies my life immensely
Erik Svante Bergström
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our customers and colleagues love it
Lukas Bohrmann
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Very useful tool for internationalisation and translation purposes
Manuel Kobel
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– PhraseApp offers great way in performing translation task with a very easy management.
Khaled Mansour
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Excellent application
Verified User In Information Technology And Services
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Managing translations the professional way
Verified User In Wholesale
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I highly recommend PhraseApp to other users
Adelaide Franco Nikolic
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Great tool to manage your texts for your digital projects
Evelyn Sauter
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great tool, can't work without
Davide Ragusa
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Easy-to-use, localization-friendly headless CMS
Krystle Wong
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User friendly and fast
Verified User In Food & Beverages
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Single Source of Truth
Jochen Preusche
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PhraseApp has streamlined the translation process
Kyohei Okuhara
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Excellent application
Henry GR
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My PhraseApp Experience
Olesya Drozd
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Really convenient software
Verified User In E-Learning
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Easy-To-Use Online Translation Platform for Both Newbies and Seasoned Translators
Verified User In Computer Software
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Wonderful tool for developers to collaborate with translators
Chris Birch
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PhraseApp an easy to use tool for iOS app localization
Angelo Cammalleri
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My Italian and Chinese Colleagues LOVE PhraseApp
Jon Kern
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Great tool for everyday translation tasks
Verified User In Internet
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Best Translation Tool
Gerry Pass
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Great to for localizing content.
Manuel Casals Pijoan
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Best tool for managing translations!
Verified User In Computer Software
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Easy to use and get's everything in one place
Nadine Krish Spencer
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Hồ Nguyên Minh
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Excellent tool for Product Managers with less technical background
Verified User In Internet
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PhraseApp makes translations a breeze
Nathan Barry
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Say goodbye to copy+paste
Alison J.
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We’re producing over 20 emails a week, and the platform ensures every single one is on-brand, localized, and responsive, without any engineering effort.

Megan Walsh

Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing

We explored multiple localization solutions, but Phrase emerged as the indisputable frontrunner. Thanks to Phrase we have more control over our timelines. The languages team turns around a localization request in about a week, and this is never in doubt.

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown

Chief Languages Services Officer at what3words

Phrase has become an indispensable part of our localization strategy at BlaBlaCar. Our plans include scaling the range of materials localized within the Phrase platform, particularly our help center and customer relationship content. This in turn will bolster business, improve customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty. This strategic shift reflects the efficiency gains we’ve achieved through Phrase and our commitment to delivering top-quality services to our customers globally through streamlined translation and localization processes.

Simon Rimbert

Simon Rimbert

Senior Localization Project Manager at BlaBlaCar

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