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Phrase Expert - The All-New AI Localization Expert

Phrase Expert is your AI-powered localization assistant, that can provide you with advice on all things localization and Phrase. Developed using OpenAI’s GPT technology and available exclusively on the GPT store, you are a few clicks away from instant localization guidance.

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Kickstart your localization journey

Are you a newcomer to localization? Phrase Expert can provide you with all the information you need, using ChatGPT’s intuitive chat interface. Whether you are trying to understand the difference between a TM and TMS, or are looking for the ideal strategy for your business, Phrase Expert has the answers you’re looking for.

Learn about Phrase

Phrase Expert will answer any question you might have on the Phrase Localization Platform. This capability is particularly useful for those seeking to understand the full breadth of the platform’s features, integration capabilities, and how to leverage Phrase for specific localization needs.

Dive deep into the technical details

Phrase Expert has been provided with unique knowledge relating to Phrase products and features, which allows it to answer complex product-related questions. It can tell you all about LQA or OTA, and even help guide you through the technical process of integrating our API.

Ready to get started?

Reach a wider audience and build deeper connections today.

Phrase Expert is currently available on OpenAI’s GPT store.

Phrase Expert is a new and developing technology, so it is possible that the answers it provides may occasionally not be entirely accurate . For the best advice on Phrase, book a session with our sales team.