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Localization solutions for translation companies

Collaborate with your clients and translators in a unified, secure online platform, and join the global network of language service providers choosing Phrase.

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Elevate your translations

Streamline your translations with our market-leading solutions, like a fully-featured editor and all of the tools you need to collaborate and produce the highest quality translations. Join some of the world’s leading language service providers like Moravia, Semantix, Welocalize, and Honyaku.

Explore the Phrase Localization Suite

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A powerful CAT editor wherever you need it

Handle large numbers of keys and technical restrictions in complex projects and translate content directly on your site with our in-context editor, which integrates within almost any web application.

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Integrate into your workflow

Connect with your client’s technology setup with advanced out-of-the-box integrations, including CMS platforms, machine translation engines, and project management systems.

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Manage translation progress

Monitor translation projects with real-time analytics, giving you full visibility into quality, efficiency, and costs. Deliver your translations on time and accurately.

Explore Phrase TMS

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Collaborate on projects

Inform, discuss, or ask team members questions regarding specific translations by commenting on individual keys or segments. Review all previous versions of a translation in the changes tab of our translation editor.

Explore collaborative localization

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Track keys
Add multiple tags and track which keys belong to which section of your project.
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Ensure consistent quality
Prevent localization errors in your product, website, or documentation. Check all your translations for issues like overly long wording, broken placeholders, or mistranslated terms. Quality assurance can be tailored to each project so you know you’re using the correct terms across all branding and messaging.
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Connect with your clients
Manage client communication with a free, dedicated online space where your client can easily order, monitor, and receive translations. Customize and present it as your own platform with your own logo and internet domain.


A seamless localization experience

Whatever your workflow looks like, Phrase can adapt to it.


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Large and mature translation buyers need more than just translations—they ask for innovative and efficient solutions. Such solutions can take the form of plugins or connectors for their various content management systems. This is where Phrase has helped us win new and retain existing customers. Thanks to Phrase’s API, we have developed powerful and attractive integrations to help our clients improve and automate their workflows.

Frédéric Queudret

Chief AI & Technology Officer

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Our industry is changing fast, and as a translation agency, you will need technical platforms that are flexible and that will enable you to easily integrate different tools and collaborate with technical partners throughout the translation process. I would suggest looking for a flexible system that does not lock you in and allows you to scale in use to better serve your customers. In March 2018, Amesto was bought by Semantix AB.

Emma Skagerberg

IT Manager Production Systems

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