Phrase Orchestrator is a market-leading automation tool that allows you to customize
localization processes and workflows with ease.

Using its drag-and-drop capability, you can build sophisticated workflows across the Phrase Localization Platform
without the need for any code (or developers!). You’ll also have clear visibility and control over all processes,
opening up exciting new scenarios and unlocking value.

Save time and cost

Thanks to a codeless, drag-and-drop interface, Phrase Orchestrator allows Localization experts to develop workflows without relying on expensive developer support. This saves significant time, and reduces the chances of errors arising between teams as automation instructions are produced. Orchestrator is often a liberating experience, allowing language experts to bring their complex visions to life.

Customization and control

Phrase Orchestrator is the means to create infinite workflow scenarios, with smart triggers allowing you to initiate actions such as “create jobs” or “update keys” without any coding. Perhaps a job is sent for additional review if certain QA warnings are triggered, or you’d like to automatically export a completed project to GitHub? You can even automate your pseudo-localization process, or include automatic notifications sent via Slack. Orchestrator means limitless potential – but zero compromise in function.

A springboard for scale

When a business expands into new markets, localization processes become more sophisticated as they manage content across cultures and languages. At a certain point, complexity levels require a tailor-made automation solution to meet composite business objectives – and free teams from repetitive, manual tasks. By empowering its localization teams to evolve workflow automations directly, a global organization can have far more confidence in their consistency and ability to meet deadlines across regions.

Kick-start your automation with Orchestrator templates

Phrase Orchestrator comes armed with a range of ready-made workflow templates in a curated library. Based on ‘most common scenarios’ that we’ve encountered working with thousands of organizations, these are useful launchpads if you are starting automation from scratch. Then, as your teams grow in confidence and requirements become more sophisticated, they’ll be able to adapt (and own) the workflows to suit their needs.

Visualize your workflows for a better view

Our intuitive workflow editor is incredibly easy to use. As you create new automations, conditions such as workflow branching, event filtering, and dynamic references are conveyed with color and clarity to support quicker reviews – and better collaboration.

Customize your QA process

You’ll be able to include additional security checks within your customized workflows. For example, it’s possible to automate additional reviews or notify human translators when set QA warnings are triggered.

Get Slack Notifications

Phrase Orchestrator can keep your teams informed in their own Slack environments.

This customizable feature means you’ll be able to automatically update specified groups when a set event occurs. For example, Phrase can ping a Slack channel based on vendor responses, project status updates, or unplanned delays. You can even receive a daily summary.

How Orchestrator Automated International Travel

Phrase Orchestrator helped a leading travel operator, trading in 40 markets with 20 languages, to revolutionize its localization. In just three months, the business saw a 70% reduction in content review time and 100% increase in content processing. Read the case study to discover how.

We’ve always wanted a workflow that’s highly automated, efficient, and cost-effective. Phrase Orchestrator and its library function fit the bill.

Phrase customer from the travel industry

In just 30 minutes, with Phrase Orchestrator the localization team can set up a new workflow and go straight into production in minutes. This previously took hours or even days and involved developers.

Phrase customer from the travel industry

Phrase Orchestrator provides the means to achieve more with less, and at a faster pace.

Phrase customer from the travel industry

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