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Phrase Quality Performance Score

Unlock the power of translation quality analysis. With Phrase QPS, every translation is automatically evaluated and effortlessly graded, from 0 – 100, using state-of-the-art AI. This enables you to build fully automated translation workflows to scale your localization efforts.

Language Quality Assessment

Get visibility on translation quality with our Language Quality Assessment (LQA) capability. Based on pre-configured criteria, LQA can be added as a process step to help linguists review any type of translation workflow based on human or machine translation. LQA can be configured according to predefined error categories.

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Auto LQA eliminates manual, labor-intensive tasks, giving users the ability to automatically assess the quality of all their translated content at every step of the localization process, significantly reducing the time and cost of human post-editing, while enhancing translation consistency and quality.

Auto LQA

Use generative AI to fully automate your LQA process. Thanks to Auto LQA, you can get the same insights provided by traditional LQA, instantly and at a fraction of the cost. Help speed up your content review and create more streamlined workflows.

Quality Assurance

Automatically detect errors in translations with our built-in QA functionality. QA checks, such as our term base checks, spelling, content of the tags, allow you to reduce error rates and achieve a higher level of consistency across your translations.

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