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Software localization

Enter new markets reliably with a powerful software localization platform that scales with you.

Solutions by use case | Phrase
G2 awards | Spring 2023 | Leader | Phrase
G2 awards | Spring 2023 | Leader Enterprise | Phrase
G2 4.6 stars rating | Phrase

Collaborate for efficiency

Release translations in the most streamlined way possible with a dedicated software localization platform and achieve a faster time to market for your multilingual software product.

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Built for continuous localization

Access tools that let translation and development take place in parallel for a more agile localization process.

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Work how you do best

Export and import your translations in whatever file formats you use.

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Automate workflows with our full-featured API

Speed up release cycles and stay focused on your code by using the power of Phrase’s API to set up custom integrations, webhooks, and much more.

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A seamless localization experience

Whatever your workflow looks like, Phrase can adapt to it.


Phrase by the numbers

faster turnaround time
saved per release on average
reduction on deployment time

Phrase is the most developer-friendly and continuous-deployment-friendly solution on the market.

Ed Vinyard

Leading Software Architect

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With Phrase, we have found a scalable solution, which can adapt to our various requirements and workflows, while enabling us to offer a seamless localized experience to our 20M users.

Tilman Büttner

Senior UX Writer

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Phrase has been central in enabling our small-but-mighty engineering team to seamlessly localize digital applications.

Bennett Wetch

Vice President of Technology Innovation

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The localization process is so much more streamlined, which makes it much easier to release new versions and add new locales.

Thibaut Davoult

Growth Engineer

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Here to field your questions on software localization

Phrase provides a fast and reliable import and export of language files, versatile APIs, a dedicated CLI tool, branching functionalities, native GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket integrations, and much more.

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Phrase Strings is made for software localization. Our string management platform is the place for you to store and manage all your software content, including your source copy and translations. Phrase Strings is key-based–you can create individual keys and it is therefore the ideal solution for continuous localization workflows.

Translation is the process of rendering content from one language into another–a transformation of text elements only. Localization is a multilayered process that goes beyond mere translation. It entails adapting measurement units, time and date standards, and currencies while adjusting design and content to suit different cultures. Sometimes, localization requires significant content modification to make it relevant to the specific market.

We support 50+ file formats, so chances are we work with your file format too.

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The keys to unlocking language

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