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A seamless localization experience

Whatever your workflow looks like, Phrase can adapt to it.

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Achieve high reliability and performance by automatically sending branches and repositories to Phrase for translation.

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Streamline your workflow and avoid bottlenecks by automatically creating projects and importing content.

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Keep projects organized by creating jobs that are automatically sent for translation when your branches and repositories are updated in Bitbucket.

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reduction of deployment time

setup time

reduction of errors

Phrase Strings is the best tool to manage localization of your software.

Ashraf Sarhan – Software Engineer at OCPJ

Phrase Strings is a great tool to free the developers from the translation work. The API is well-designed, the UI is great. All users are quickly autonomous.

Hugo Mericer – Software Engineer

Developer-friendly, hassle-free, and time-saving tool! I spend more time on app development instead of managing translations for my Android and iOS projects, and it’s all thanks to Phrase Strings. Also, customer support is excellent!

Nikhil Jain – Software Developer at Bayer Crop Science

The keys to unlocking language

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A Guide to Date and Time Localization

We shed light on the intricacies of global dates and times, covering formatting, time zones, regional calendars, and more.

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Next.js Localization with Format.JS/react-intl

Explore the ins and outs of localizing Next.js Pages Router apps with react-intl/Format.JS.

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Pluralization: A Guide to Localizing Plurals

Learn more about how to get pluralization right in your multilingual app and ensure a smooth user experience for your global user base.

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Next.js 13/14 App Router Localization with next-intl

Take a deep dive into Next.js localization using an App Router demo and next-intl. We’ll explore routing, Server and Client Components, and much more.

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