As a string management platform for key-based translations, Phrase Strings extracts
segments of words from code repositories or design files to manage the entire
translation process.

This is invaluable for adapting digital products and software – apps, websites and video games – to engage
with global audiences at scale.
(No surprise that it is loved by developers, product designers, product managers, and translators alike.)

Working with Phrase Strings

Cut deployment time in half

Strings can automatically import and export content, launch translation jobs, and distribute content from a single platform, minimizing the need for manual input. Running translation in parallel with your development cycles means you’re able to ship multilingual products and features in a fraction of the time.

*Own* your product’s localization

Phrase Strings becomes a single source of truth for your copy. The platform allows owners to manage the entire translation process with ease, thanks to its ability to add and assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate across global and complex teams. With over the air updates for apps and websites, distributing products to global audiences in their native languages has never been so simple!

Improve translation quality

To ensure quality and consistency are maintained, Strings comes with a contextual ‘visual editor’, Figma previews, and customizable QA gates. In a single platform, users can eliminate broken language files, ensure placeholders are intact, and have confidence in the correct application of brand terminology. Brand tone of voice is consistent too, thanks to brand translation memory and term bases that you maintain and own.

Speed up release cycles by setting up custom integrations and webhooks with the powerful Phrase Strings API. We integrate with GitHub, Figma, WordPress, Contentful, and many more platforms. Strings has over 50 integrations to date, so whatever you’re using we’ll have you covered.

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Reliable and secure

The Phrase Localization Platform follows best practices in security, stability and performance. This means we comply with the Principles and Security Statements of ISO 27001, PCI DSS, AWS, CCPA and GDPR. Our infrastructure is one of the most resilient and robust available (zero downtime deployments and a 99.9% uptime), and we work hard to ensure it stays that way.


GDPR Compliant

AWS Partner


We have now designed a process where Phrase allows us to have the content ready on our sites within 1 minute since the translators add or update their translations. We are saving an average of 48 hours on engineering time, each time we deploy a new feature.

Enrique Quilez

Localization Manager

The localization management process is so much more streamlined, which makes it much easier to release new versions and add new locales.

Thibaut Davoult

Growth Engineer

The thing that I have seen with Phrase and our translation management is specifically the ease with which it allows us to scale to additional languages.

Daniel Touchette

Group Product Manager

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