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Continuous localization

Improve automation and turn-around speed with a platform built for agile and continuous localization.

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Solutions by use case | Phrase
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Seamless collaboration

Increase transparency and reduce communication overhead with close integration between translation and development teams.

Explore collaborative localization

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A single source of truth

Store and manage your software content in one central location, where the latest version of your web or mobile app can be continuously updated.

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Integrate translation into development cycles
Update content continuously, free from developers having to wait for translations.
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Faster turn-around speed
Release your content faster thanks to developers and translators working in parallel.
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Continuous deployments
Localize as you go—new content that needs to be translated is automatically synced to Phrase.
Our impact

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Faster turnaround time
Saved per release on average
Reduction on deployment time

The localization process is so much more streamlined, which makes it much easier to release new versions and add new locales.

Thibaut Davoult

Growth Engineer

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Phrase is the most developer-friendly and continuous-deployment-friendly solution on the market.

Ed Vinyard

Leading Software Architect

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Phrase has helped us save a great amount of time, as it is very user-friendly for localizers, especially for linguists. It brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of continuous localization.

Skylar Tan

Head of Localization

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Here to field your questions on continuous localization

Traditional translation methods, such as waterfall localization, undermine agile development as localization is planned at the very end of a development cycle. Continuous localization aims to translate and review in step with the developers. It incorporates localization and translation into a development cycle from the start, so that both processes can operate simultaneously.

Phrase Strings is key-based, and therefore, built for continuous localization. You can create individual keys and release updates constantly, which makes it the ideal solution for continuous localization workflows in software development.

Phrase supports 50+ files types. See our documentation for a full localization file format overview.


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