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Workflow automation

Work smarter, not harder, by automating repetitive manual tasks and reducing communication overhead in your translation and localization projects.

Solutions by use case | Phrase
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Optimize your workflow

Translation projects and strings automatically flow through custom workflow steps. Powerful workflow automations help save project management time and increase productivity.

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Monitor translation progress
Track projects in real time. See all the information you need to effectively manage projects and avoid issues.
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Automate manual tasks
Spend time focusing on more important jobs by automating tedious processes such as sending emails and updating spreadsheets.
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Customize your workflow
Create your optimal process for projects to automatically flow through, so you can deliver translations faster.

Translations tailored to you

Phrase TMS is highly customizable to fit enterprise needs. Send translation jobs through the lifecycle automatically, while eliminating the manual steps.

Phrase detects new content and automatically launches your translation project.

Phrase suggests the optimal linguist for the project based on past experiences.

You can insert translations from TMs, machine translation, and non-translatable before translators even start working.

Analysis and pricing is applied as soon as a translation job is created.

Translators and vendors receive email notifications as soon as they are assigned work.

Translators are assigned jobs on a first-come-first-served basis, so you don’t have to navigate multiple schedules.

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Localization that works with you

Phrase Strings automatically extracts and reintegrates strings so developers and translators can work in a continuous and agile localization process.

Sync Phrase with your Github, GitLab, or Bitbucket repositories.

Phrase imports strings after every addition to your string repository.

Strings are automatically populated with matches from translation memory and machine translation.

Translators are notified as soon as they receive new work or when strings need reviewing.

Strings seamlessly flow through translation and review steps.

Completed translations are continuously deployed to your app, website, or other software.

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Continuous workflow step 2 visual | Phrase
Continuous workflow step 3 visual | Phrase
Continuous workflow step 4 visual | Phrase
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A seamless experience

Whatever your workflow looks like, Phrase can adapt to it.


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Now, thanks to automation, we can easily translate product descriptions on our e-commerce website and our localization cycle is 30% faster.

Fabian Lauer

Software Developer

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Phrase’s automated workflows help our project managers efficiently manage translations and significantly reduce project turnaround time. The powerful combination of workflows with project templates and automated project creation makes the translation process even faster.

Camille Xu

Translation Technology Director

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