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Get full visibility

Without a translation management system (TMS), buying professional translations can be time and cost consuming. From tracking changes and files through email, to minimal visibility into what resources are being used, translation quality can feel dubious. With Phrase, you can get professional translations while monitoring the process every step of the way.

Managing translation services with Phrase TMS

Save time and money by managing your translation service providers with Phrase TMS.

Transparency & control

Get full control over the resources used (machine translation, translation memory, etc.), as well as visibility into the work performed by human translators and an automatic price calculation.

Efficient multi-vendor management

Ditch email communication needed in favor of shared projects. Assign jobs on a first-come first-served basis with 100% automated workflows, so that new tasks are assigned to vendors immediately.

High translation quality

Give translators in-context previews, respond to any questions, and give feedback to ensure your message translates well.

Cost efficiency

Pay for what is actually being translated. Phrase identifies content that doesn’t need work, such as non-translatables, or matches from memory and terms bases. Analyze costs by vendor and language ahead of time and monitor how machine translation is used.

Order translations in a click

Send projects to translators with a single click. We partner with trusted language service providers that are integrated into Phrase by default. Professional translators are at your fingertips, and there is no minimum for the orders. This option is popular with medium-size organizations that don’t have a localization manager to coordinate translation vendors.

Phrase by numbers

professional translation
providers use Phrase TMS as

of enterprise customers share
projects with vendors

automated workflows

We’re producing over 20 emails a week, and the platform ensures every single one is on-brand, localized, and responsive, without any engineering effort.

Megan Walsh

Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing

We explored multiple localization solutions, but Phrase emerged as the indisputable frontrunner. Thanks to Phrase we have more control over our timelines. The languages team turns around a localization request in about a week, and this is never in doubt.

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown

Chief Languages Services Officer at what3words

Phrase has become an indispensable part of our localization strategy at BlaBlaCar. Our plans include scaling the range of materials localized within the Phrase platform, particularly our help center and customer relationship content. This in turn will bolster business, improve customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty. This strategic shift reflects the efficiency gains we’ve achieved through Phrase and our commitment to delivering top-quality services to our customers globally through streamlined translation and localization processes.

Simon Rimbert

Simon Rimbert

Senior Localization Project Manager at BlaBlaCar

Here to field your questions on website localization

Do you have in-house translators?

We’re 100% vendor-neutral. With Phrase, you can connect to any translation vendor you like and share projects with them. You can also use one of the LSPs that are integrated by default and order translations from them with one click.

Can professional translations be ordered in both Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings?

Yes, we have LSP partners that are integrated by default. You can use these out-of-the box integrations to order professional translations immediately.

Can you recommend trusted LSPs that work with Phrase?

You can find LSPs working with Phrase in our case studies. Our customer success managers are also happy to suggest some partners to you based on your requirements.

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