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Beyond a translation management system

Get more out of your software. Phrase TMS is a fully-featured translation management system with an integrated CAT tool, making it easy for individuals and teams to achieve the best possible translations on any platform. You can reduce repetitive work through translation memory, enforce consistent terminology through term bases, and ensure optimal review workflows with our quality assurance feature. We continously develop new features to push your translations further using the latest innovations in AI and machine learning.

Adapts to your needs

Work how you do best with flexible tools that can accommodate a wide range of use cases, from in-house localization teams to external partners or anything in between. Manage teams by assigning roles, save time creating by-project templates, and run analyses to estimate cost and effort. Submitter portals allow you to easily process translation requests, while our extensive project automation features let you cut out unnecessary manual effort.

Elevate your workflow

Access our library of 30+ powerful integrations for Phrase TMS—from content management systems and marketing automation platforms to source code repositories and other 3rd-party systems. Can’t find your preferred integration? Don’t worry: Our powerful API lets you create a custom solution that works for you.

Machine translation made simple

Use a range of fully-managed engines without having to worry about setup or character spend. Phrase provides unlimited MT characters for post-editing workflows, allowing you to enhance the productivity of your linguists in any project. Our AI-powered features, like MT autoselect, allow you consistently deploy the optimal engine for every task.

A reliable partner for localization

Work with our team to ensure you always get the most out of your TMS. Our helpful educational resources and live training sessions for linguists and project managers can help your team quickly get up to speed. Our qualified in-house experts can help enterprise customers navigate complex issues. With an average uptime of 99.9% and 24/7 support, you can work without disruption.

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Translate all text and rich text fields in your nested entry-level and field-level content models.

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Reduce the number of support tickets and better aid international customers by translating your categories, dynamic content, published articles, and sections.

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Increase your audience by seamlessly translating posts, pages, categories, tags, and custom post types.

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Seamlessly send content from your stores, websites, and community sites for translation.

Phrase by numbers

faster localization cycles

companies trust Phrase TMS

technical support

Starting to use Phrase was like switching from riding a bicycle to driving a car.

We were able to reduce our turnaround time for translations by 80%.

Sergio Llorens González

Sergio Llorens González

Localization Manager

We explored multiple localization solutions, but Phrase emerged as the indisputable frontrunner. Thanks to Phrase we have more control over our timelines. The languages team turns around a localization request in about a week, and this is never in doubt.

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown

Chief Languages Services Officer at what3words

Phrase has become an indispensable part of our localization strategy at BlaBlaCar. Our plans include scaling the range of materials localized within the Phrase platform, particularly our help center and customer relationship content. This in turn will bolster business, improve customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty. This strategic shift reflects the efficiency gains we’ve achieved through Phrase and our commitment to delivering top-quality services to our customers globally through streamlined translation and localization processes.

Simon Rimbert

Simon Rimbert

Senior Localization Project Manager at BlaBlaCar

Your questions answered on our strings translation editor

How easy is Phrase TMS to learn?

Phrase TMS is built to be simple and intuitive so that anyone with familiarity with TMS software will be onboarded in no time. For new users and those that wish to learn about some of the unique features that Phrase has, we provide helpful documentation with free training sessions, including a certification programme.

What is the process for migrating to Phrase from a different TMS?

Migrating from another TMS is simple with Phrase. External TMs, SDLXLIFFs, and over 50+ file types are supported. For businesses with more extensive needs, we offer custom onboarding with a dedicated solution architect.

The keys to unlocking language

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Total Economic Impact: Phrase Delivered a Return on Investment of 527 Percent

New independent study demonstrates that Phrase empowered customers to efficiently localize at scale, providing nearly $2.8M in savings

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A comprehensive guide to changing your translation management system

With improved efficiency, time-saving, and a superior ROI on offer, this guide shows you how to steer your organization towards a successful TMS transition that boosts global expansion success.

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The benefits of using a translation management system

Learn about what a translation management system (TMS) is and how it can help you automate, manage, and translate all your content into the languages your audiences speak.


Phrase Advances Hyperautomation with Next Wave of AI-Powered Localization Enhancements

New releases deliver business value with AI-enhanced language quality, a new GenAI-MT translation engine, Automated Asset Curation, and Phrase Portal upgrades.


The Localization Playbook for Technical Communication and Documentation

With real-world scenarios and a focus on implementing the right technology stack, this playbook equips you with the tools and knowledge to streamline your localization process effectively. Dive in and elevate your technical communication and documentation to a global audience with confidence.

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