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Localization management

Take your digital product to the next level—be it a web or mobile app, website, or video game. Phrase has everything you need to amplify your localization process for global growth.

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Deploy localization as a lever for growth

Phrase is the place where product teams come together to release translations in the most streamlined way possible.

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Expand your global footprint
Target more customers around the world, and enter new markets reliably with a scalable localization platform.
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Decrease time to market
Save time by automating your multi-language projects and easily adding new langauges.
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Make project management more efficient
Centralize all your files in one place to allow for efficient project management and project status overview.
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Foster team collaboration
Encourage collaborative teamwork on a single platform that comes with various collaboration features.


A seamless localization experience

Adapt Phrase to your workflow, whatever that looks like.

Our impact

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Faster turn-around time
Saved per release on average
Less manpower required

With Phrase, we have found a scalable solution, which can adapt to our various requirements and workflows, while enabling us to offer a seamless localized experience to our 20M users.

Tilman Büttner

Senior UX Writer

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The localization management process is so much more streamlined, which makes it much easier to release new versions and add new locales.

Thibaut Davoult

Growth Engineer

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Phrase’s easy-to-use and intuitive collaboration platform made it an important and trusted tool during our expansion into France.

James Healy

Technical Director

Frequently asked questions

Here to field your questions on localization management

Translation is the process of converting texts from one language to another, and it’s part of the localization process. Localization goes a step further in that it adapts that translation to local expectations, needs, and other requirements. It considers every element that might stop a potential customer in their tracks when it comes to converting. From local payment methods and colloquialisms to holidays, localization involves everything that can be relevant to the user experience.

First, you’ll need to create a clear localization strategy that is part of your global growth roadmap from the start. Furthermore, you’ll need to rely on a strong team of translators, developers, localization specialists, marketers, local experts in different domains, etc. For the best result possible, you’ll need to enable your teams to collaborate effectively on one localization platform designed to automate translation workflows.

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