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Streamline the management and deployment of content tailored for global audiences, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience across all digital touchpoints.

Leverage Sanity’s CCMS (Component Content Management System) to build captivating marketing websites, powerful e-commerce platforms, and dynamic mobile applications. Empower developers and content managers to efficiently extend the reach of localized content through all digital channels. integration workflow
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Scale Personalized Customer Experiences with Automated Translation Workflows

Personalize the customer experience at scale with automated translation workflows. Content is effortlessly translated within the Phrase platform, through a mix of custom human and machine translation, quality assurance, and review steps. The translated content is then automatically sent back to Sanity, removing the need for manual handovers and significantly accelerating the translation process.

Workflow Automation UI

Seamlessly localize structured content

Specifically designed for structured content, the Phrase integration for Sanity enables developers and marketing managers to localize, deploy, and reuse global content across various apps, devices, and channels. This streamlined process ensures that multilingual content can be delivered anywhere, maintaining a consistent user experience across different languages and platforms.

Increased control and visibility

Optimize translation efficiency and quality with intelligent content recognition

The Sanity Plugin intelligently recognizes previously translated content, only sending new content for translation. This approach saves time and money, allowing teams to easily update content. Translations can be previewed before publishing to ensure consistency and quality across all channels for an enhanced user experience.

App translated from one language to another

Enhanced collaboration and efficiency across teams

Collaborate effortlessly and efficiently between content and internationalization teams by viewing ongoing translations directly within the Sanity CCMS. By eliminating the need to switch between platforms, workflows are streamlined, resulting in faster decision-making and improved productivity.

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