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Centralized translation management for Salesforce

Grow global customer relationships with translation project tracking, quality control, and automation across multiple Salesforce Clouds. Leverage the full potential of AI-powered translation, and achieve a higher level of quality and consistency thanks to automated quality assurance checks, translation memories, and term bases.

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Increase reach, engagement and conversions

Leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Content Builder to automatically send your emails, content blocks, and text to Phrase for translation. That’s less time copying and pasting, and more time building lasting relationships that drive global growth.

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Deliver exceptional user experiences

Localize your blogs, sites, apps, and brand assets in Salesforce Digital Experience and Experience Cloud. Deliver exceptional user experiences that resonate with your global audience.

Work with templates and prebuilt themes within Salesforce, and seamlessly send to Phrase for Translation.

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Salesforce Knowledge articles updated faster

Give your customers the most up-to-date assistance in their language. Phrase automatically sends new content for translation whenever you update your help center—reducing the number of times your customers need to contact support and enabling teams to work on what matters most!

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