Annual G2 Best Of 2024 Awards

Every year, G2 showcases the highest performing software on their platform. This year, Phrase has earned a spot among the top 50 for Best Software in EMEA and the Content Management Products.

Translation Management

Boost your global growth with the Phrase Localization Platform, the #1 translation management system on the market. Powered by AI, the Phrase Platform automates manual tasks ensuring efficiency and high-quality translations throughout the localization process.

Machine Translation

Enhance your translation workflows with high-quality, cost-effective machine translations by integrating Phrase Language AI. For broader accessibility, provide every employee in your organization with access to fast, secure, high quality machine translation through Phrase Portal.

Software Localization Tools

Secure a competitive edge and enhance customer engagement worldwide with the top-ranked localization solution in the industry. The Phrase Platform streamlines the translation process during software development, automating essential tasks to maximize global content reach while minimizing manual efforts.

Computer-Assisted Translation

Improve brand credibility using unrivaled translation memory, terminology management, and machine translation integration offered by the leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) software.

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How leading companies worldwide use The Phrase Localization Platform

Delivero customery story featured image | Phrase

Delivering Localization Excellence: How Phrase Accelerated Deliveroo’s Global Expansion

William Shu founded Deliveroo in 2013 after noticing few restaurants in London that delivered food to his office. What started as a mission to bring the best local restaurants to people’s doorsteps has grown into an international operation that provides restaurant and grocery deliveries within 30 minutes or less. Deliveroo now collaborates with roughly 170,000 restaurants and grocery partners in 10 markets, including the UK, France, Kuwait, Singapore, and Hong Kong, with more than 3,500 global employees and 150,000 riders.

what3words customer story featured image | Phrase

When Words Matter: Phrase Helps what3words Address the World in Any Language

what3words launched in 2013 to make it easier for people to find places and get help particularly when in an emergency. Many places in the world, such as rural areas and parks, lack a conventional street address. So what3words divided the world into 3-meter squares and assigned each square its own unique three-word identifier to help people find and share precise locations.

BlaBlaCar customer story featured image | Phrase

BlaBlaCar Drives Localization Efficiency and Time Savings with Phrase

BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading community-based travel app enabling 26 million active members a year to share a ride in 21 countries. Its technology matches drivers with empty seats with passengers heading the same way, so they can share the cost of the trip. With the mission to be the go-to marketplace for shared travel, BlaBlaCar combines carpooling with bus journeys from over 4000 operators to offer a wide choice of affordable and sustainable travel solutions, all in one app.

Snyk customer story featured image | Phrase

Snyk Boosts Global Presence with Tailored Localization Strategy Powered by Phrase

Founded in 2015, Snyk is the pioneer—and now leader—of a new category in cybersecurity: developer security. The company’s mission is to reach every one of the world’s millions of developers to continue their pace of innovation securely. The Snyk Developer Security Platform quickly finds and fixes security issues in proprietary code, open source dependencies, container images and cloud infrastructure, so businesses, within any industry, can embed security directly into their continuous development process.

Case study featured image Memrise | Phrase

Unlocking New Levels of Automation With Unrivaled Integrations

Memrise is a leading language learning platform that leverages proven memory techniques, a deep understanding of neuroscience, and novel approaches to second language acquisition to make learning a language dramatically easier and faster. Its intuitive app is available in 22 languages and has over 65 million satisfied users on web, iOS, and Android.

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