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Localization solutions for academics

We collaborate with hundreds of academic institutions worldwide, offering our software to professors teaching translation and localization in the classroom.

Solutions by role | Phrase

Why do universities partner with Phrase?

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Completely free
Teachers and students get free, unlimited access to Phrase software and technical support.
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No installation
Phrase opens in browsers, so students can work from anywhere.
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Student certification
Students can earn an official certificate by successfully passing a test designed for their level.
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Choose your favorite device
Phrase is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Unlimited users
Scale the number of enrolled students easily and at no cost.
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Project management skills
Professors can equip their students with real life experiences.

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Kirikkale University

Having access to translation technology tools is of great importance for translation students… Fortunately, Phrase, which is a computer-aided translation (CAT) tool, offers a free academic plan to the translation departments of the universities since 2012.

Caner Çetiner

Professor of Translation Technology and Localization

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Leipzig University

I wanted to make all course participants project managers, as that would allow them to see the full chain of tasks required to produce a translation. With Phrase, we found a solution that allows exactly that.

Edgar Bohm

Translation Technology Lecturer

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Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Phrase is intuitive to learn for project managers and linguists, and to have such advanced features available in a cloud-based tool is simply amazing, not to mention cross-platform editors for Mac and Windows.

Max Troyer

Assistant Professor

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Palacký University

Ever since Phrase was released, it has ranked among our students’ favorite tools for its straightforwardness, interface clarity and low maintenance requirements for the end user.

Dr. Pavel Král

Teacher of Translation Technology

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Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen

It has always been an extreme pleasure for me to work with the cutting edge technology you engineered as it allowed me to present the work of real-life translators to those who strive to become such. It has provided me with opportunities to experiment and challenge my students in a way I have not even imagined before. But most of all it gave them the chance to master a tool they would need in their professional career in the safe world of the classroom, away from the frustration of the working environment.

Irina Stoyanova, PhD

Assistant Professor, English Studies Department, Faculty of Humanities

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