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Phrase launch week | September 13-20, 2023

Delivering the next generation of AI-fueled localization

In this release, we’re announcing a range of enhancements to the Phrase Localization Suite that will define the next generation of localization technology, powered by AI. Designed to elevate content quality, drive increased workflow automation, and accelerate enterprise scalability, these cutting-edge AI features are reshaping the future of localization technology.

At the forefront of these exciting new capabilities are Phrase Custom AI and Phrase Language AI, together with enhancements to Phrase Orchestrator and much more.

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Unlocking new localization possibilities with AI

Phrase Custom AI

With the brand new Phrase Custom AI you can easily create, tailor, and deploy machine learning (ML) models and customized machine translation (MT) engines that are optimized to meet your specific business needs.

Achieve unprecedented translation quality, increase speed, and reduce costs by customizing your machine translation engine to reflect your terminology, style, and tone of voice.

Create custom models for specific use cases, such as legal documentation, that are translated rapidly with high quality, to deliver even more business value.

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Phrase Language AI

Phrase Language AI is our new name for Phrase Translate. It reflects the continuing evolution of our existing language-based AI capabilities and our future roadmap of AI-based innovation. 

In this release we also introduce an all-new API capability to Phrase Language AI. Now every employee in in your business can access a secure, company-approved, machine translation capability that autoselects the best available machine translation engine from our 30+ MT engines.

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Phrase Orchestrator

Phrase Orchestrator is now even more user-friendly and accessible with the introduction of a library function, pre-populated with example templates. Effortlessly build, customize, and run workflows to suit you.

Improved file management capabilities opens the door to new applications like language pivoting, further eliminating manual processes and making the creation of new workflows 5x faster!

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And there’s more!

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