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Phrase nextmt

The next generation of machine translation

Translate with the first TMS-ready machine translation engine. Our innovative Phrase NextMT engine uses your translation memories and glossaries to deliver the best possible MT quality.

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Supercharge your machine translation

With Phrase NextMT, your machine translation doesn’t have to start from scratch. Unlike other generic engines, Phrase NextMT is capable of adapting your translation memories to produce higher quality translations. Wherever a partial match is found, Phrase NextMT will automatically complete the missing content.

Speak your language

Phrase NextMT’s advanced glossary support ensures that your preferred terminology is always used. The simple “search and replace” functionality used by many engines is a thing of the past—with Phrase NextMT, all your terms will be used with the correct morphological inflection, reducing post-editing effort.

Machine translate in style

Many engines struggle with preserving formatting and placeholder tags. Phrase NextMT features advanced tag placement, to ensure that your translations look exactly the way you need them to.

Activate with 1 click

Phrase NextMT is part of the Phrase Language AI add-on. Together with advanced MT features like MT auto select and Quality Performance Score, using MT has never been easier. For a flat monthly fee, you can get access to unlimited machine translation for post-editing from NextMT and other leading engines.

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Go further with custom machine translation

Phrase NextMT supports full customization with our innovative Phrase Custom AI. Create an AI language model that speaks your language and redefines machine translation quality.

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Our impact

Phrase NextMT by the numbers

Increase in translation quality through translation memory adaptation
Increase in translation quality with morphological adaption of glossaries

As a language service provider, we rely on machine translation to help us deliver fast and cost-effective translation for a wide range of customers. With Phrase NextMT, our customer’s translation memories no longer compete with machine translation, but actively improve its quality. Phrase NextMT’s advanced glossary functionality is especially useful for ensuring that our customer’s preferred terminology is always respected.

Václav Baláček

Director at Czech Translations

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With the addition of Phrase NextMT to Phrase Language AI, Phrase has a complete MT feature set that responds to every market requirement, from AI-driven engine selection and instant quality estimation to easy customization and glossaries.

Jourik Ciesielski

MT Expert at Nimdzi

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Frequently asked questions

Here to field your questions on Phrase NextMT

Phrase NextMT currently supports the following language pairs in both directions:

  • English-Czech
  • English-Spanish
  • English-French
  • English-Russian
  • English-German
  • English-Italian
  • English-Dutch
  • English-Chinese (Simplified)
  • English-Swedish
  • English-Japanese

We will continue to add new languages to Phrase NextMT.

The MT autoselect algorithm available in Phrase Language AI is impartial when it comes to recommending the optimal engine for a given language pair and content type.

Its recommendation is based on past performance of engines. MT autoselect will not prioritize Phrase NextMT over other engines already available.

Phrase NextMT was developed using commercial and public datasets. No customer data was used to train the engine.

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